Amber & Liberty

♡ How old are you Liberty?

Liberty is 17 months old.

♡ Is there a story behind your name? We hear you’re a rescue pup! Can you tell us a bit about how you found your human?

Yes! I (the human) have always looked on my local rescues Facebook page, with no intentions of getting a dog. Especially since most of the dogs at the shelter are large dogs, we live in an apartment so that would not work for us. Then I came across Lib! Over 200 people had liked and commented on the picture, and many people seemed to be interested. For some reason, I felt like this dog was meant to be with me. So, I went to the shelter the day before she was available to fill out the adoption form to get a head start.

She was only available on Memorial Day, (that’s how she got her name!) And we were told there was going to be a long line, so we needed to get there early. We got there 4 hours before the shelter opened, we were the second ones in line! The people who arrived minutes after us also wanted Libby, but since we got there first she was ours! We then found out she came from NC to PA, from a high kill shelter. She had worms and kennel cough when she came over.

♡ You are so adventurous! What is your favorite activity?

Liberty loves to be outdoors, her favorite place to go is the dog park! However, the second she gets inside from adventuring outside, she falls straight asleep under the couch, and won’t come out for hours! (She also snores very loud, lol!)

♡ Do always join competitions? How do you prepare for the big fight? 🙂

Haha, Liberty doesn’t participate in dog competition, she controls them! Any time dogs are competing at the dog park she runs over to them and starts barking to make it known that she is the queen, the ruler! Libby thinks she owns the dog park. It’s actually pretty funny.

♡ Do you love dressing up? What is your favorite outfit?

Oh yes! Liberty loves dressing up, I’ve been dressing her up from the second she got home! Her favorite outfit would be her winter pajamas that she got from Chewy. They are so warm and fuzzy, Lib is all about comfort!

♡ Do you have a favorite Holiday or season?

Hmmm that’s a hard question! Considering Lib thinks all holidays are her birthday and all about her (lol) I’d say her favorite time of year is anytime she gets to dress up and get presents. Like Christmas and Easter!

♡ What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

Friendship Collars are something that every dog owner needs. We all miss our dogs when we are away from them, and with friendship collar you feel like your bringing a little piece of them everywhere you go. Also, when we are with each other and have on our matching accessories, we are the most stylish ones on the block.

♡ When was the last time Liberty made you laugh or brought a smile to your face?

Liberty makes me laugh/smile whenever I look at her! She is always so happy, which makes me happy. She also does the funniest things with her face. When she yawns she literally screams, and every now and then her tongue will get stuck between her teeth.

♡ Lastly, can you finish this sentence: Liberty is my best friend because…

Liberty is my best friend because she is always there for me. She gives me kisses when I am sad, and makes me 10x more happy every day. I am so thankful for her, and that I randomly looked on Facebook that day!