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Best friends: Fergie, Griffin & Amy Social Media Fame: @lifeoffergie (Only on Instagram right now, future plans for a blog though!) Nicknames: Fergie: Bird, Birdy, Noodles, Pickle, Nunu Griffin: Fatsticks (he was really fat when he was little), Griff, Griffles, G-unit, Griffy Together: Pickles Breed: They are both Italian Greyhounds but Fergie is from the […]

BREEANA & EDDIE Avoiding puddles, eating carrots & unconditional love! Our latest pet crush: Breeanna & Eddie Social media fame: Instagram:  @sillytalkswitheddie Facebook: sillytalkswitheddie Nicknames: Ed Breed: Pug Colour of fur: Black Describe your pooch in 3 words…  Silly, Silly, Silly Eddie’s favourite trick? High Five! He will jump high and give anyone a “high […]

TRULS BAKKEN Our latest Crush: Truls Bakken Occupation: Photographer Social media fame: Instagram @Dogsbestman Describe your typical day at work… Unfortunately, I don ́t work with dogs all the time, it’s more of a hobby. And since I work as a freelance photographer, it’s hard to explain a typical day at work. Everything could happen! […]