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Best friends: Fergie, Griffin & Amy Social Media Fame: @lifeoffergie (Only on Instagram right now, future plans for a blog though!) Nicknames: Fergie: Bird, Birdy, Noodles, Pickle, Nunu Griffin: Fatsticks (he was really fat when he was little), Griff, Griffles, G-unit, Griffy Together: Pickles Breed: They are both Italian Greyhounds but Fergie is from the […]

Inna Best friends: Her best friends is Zombie the rough collie (Zombiethecollie) and Morf, a mini aussie. Instagram: Innatheiggy Facebook: Inna the iggy How old is Inna? Inna is 3 years old How did you get Inna? I got her from an Italian greyhound breeder here in Sweden What is her relationship like with her […]

Kaylin & Charlie Best friends: Kaylin & Charlie! How old is your bestie? Charlie is 8 years old. Her birthday is March 10, 2008. What is life like with your little daschund? Charlie makes everything better! Regardless of the day I am having, she is always wagging her tail, happy to see me. People make […]