Insider Tips & Tricks: Know the Product!

Welcome to the first in our FriendshipCollar Tips & Tricks series, created exclusively for our pawesome Reps to inspire you and help you to promote FriendshipCollar products to your followers!

Tip: Know the product features

Make sure you are familiar with everything FriendshipCollar! The quality, collections and additional features: Water resistant, UV protected, 100% vegan, cruelty free FriendshipCollar accessories! For every sale made, we donate food to help hungry shelter animals! Our mission is to feed 1 million hungry besties! If feeding hungry pups and kittens doesn’t persuade them, well… they aren’t cool enough to match with their BFF! 🙄

We are in the process of creating a new section of the Rep Resources page to give you more info on some of the rescues we have helped and how much food we have donated to shelters across the USA! Stay tuned! In the meantime, we have plenty of FC Loves Rescue features on our blog that you can access via the Rep Resources Page. 🐾

Trick: promote our full range of products

By this we mean leashes, charms, extra bracelets for other family members, or maybe they have two dogs and want a matching collar for both! By offering these additional products, you are more likely to increase their order value, and of course – your commission! We have lots of exciting new products in the works which will make this even easier! 


Make sure you capitalize on seasonal shopping trends! 🛍️ Right now that means everything related to SUMMER! ☀️ There are so many times of the year when shoppers go wild – stay on top of relevant holidays and create fun visuals or engaging content that coincides with these! For example, June 21st is National Take Your Dog To Work Day – there are so many fun ways you can use this to create relevant content and promote FC & your Rep Code in the process!

We hope that this first instalment of our FriendshipCollar Tips & Tricks is helpful. Keep checking our Rep Resources page, there will be more to come in this series this week! 

Happy Repping! ❤️