Niko & Monica

Bestie: Niko

Bestie Species: Tortoise!

Human: Monica


🐢 How old is Niko and how small is she?

Niko is around 4 1/2 years old – there’s no real way to know for sure- and she is 6 inches across (aka large hamburger size.) 🍔

🐢 Can you let us know what is a typical day like for you both?

Typically, she gets her light 🌞 turned on early in the day and her food and water, before I head to work. When I get home, we tend to cuddle and watch TV or movies together. 

🐢 Can you tell us a bit about life with a tortoise? What is her favorite food? Where does she sleep?  

Life is great for this tortoise! She has her own set up with a hide-away and all. But, often  she gets wrapped in a blanket and she’ll sleep right next to me 😍. Her favorite snacks are bananas and carrots, but she mostly eats green leafy foods. 🍌🥕🥗

🐢 What made you choose a tortoise as a best friend?

I have always loved turtles but we just had an instant connection 🔁 when I saw her at the pet store. 

🐢 Have you always love tortoises?

Yes, and Niko from the moment I saw her at the store. 😊

🐢 What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

Having a way to match my favorite critter and look stylish while doing it. 💁🏼‍♀️

🐢 Can you tell us the sweetest thing Niko does?

She crawls onto your shoulder just under your neck and falls asleep. 💤

🐢 Tell us a fun story about your BFF 🙂

Some of the funniest 😂 times with her are when she plays hide and seek – she is a master of hiding spots! 

🐢 Can you describe your BFF in 3 words?

So. Stinking. Cute! 😄

🐢 Niko is my best friend because….

Who would have thought there would be so much personality in one little tortoise?


There’s something so very cool and special about these unexpected friendships. Niko is proof that no bestie is one-size-fits-all and we are here for it! 🙌 Niko is WERKIN’ it in our Gold Glitter – shine just like her here!