Pug Donut!

Pug Donut!

We chat to Team Donut about life with the hilarious and handsome Pug Donut!

What made you decide on creating video content for Pug Donut?

It happened quite by mistake!  We had just come back from a concert and decided to put some flashing sunglasses on him while he was sleeping. He didn’t care. AT ALL. So we filmed it and added some high energy music. We thought the juxtaposition between the flashing lights and fast dance music with a lazy chubby pug was hysterical.

Our videos only became more and more complex, placing Donut in sillier and sillier situations.

Can you tell us a little more about Donut. Is he happier being filmed or photographed? Or is he the star of the show and loves the limelight for both?

Definitely being filmed. He doesn’t have to hold a pose and can really be himself (ie. lazy and/or hungry).  We know Donut’s personality and usually structure a video based on how we know he’ll behave.

How long have you been best friends for?

Donut was adopted when he was 3.  He’s celebrating his 6th birthday on Sept 9, 2015, so we’ve been BFFs for a good 3 years now!

Does Pug Donut love dressing up?

We wouldn’t say he “loves” it – but he definitely doesn’t care at all. We’ve been able to dress him up in sweaters and costumes and even stack random objects on him and he just keeps sleeping.

What is the coolest thing he has ever done?

Donut has beaten the World Pug Flight Record!

Recently we did the Red Bull Flugtag event in Portland, Oregon.  It’s an event where teams build flying crafts and launch them off a pier. For our team, we built a giant Donut!

Here’s our craft build: http://imgur.com/a/FKzdj

Here’s our story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=629DqufF85c

Here’s our actual flight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhLNbHYCtBs

Donut was definitely the star of the show at the event!

What makes you two solid best friends? Other than Pug Donut helping you clean up the Noms off the floor!

Donut is down to do whatever I’m doing.  If it’s snack time for me, it’s snack time for him.  If it’s nap time for me, it’s nap time for him.  He follows me like a shadow.  He would make an exceptional stalker.

Can you tell us a bit about your daily life together? Is it all fun and games or is there a lot of behind the scenes naptimes, lots of good lighting and a million takes to get the perfect video or is Pug Donut a natural in front of the camera? 

Let me paint a picture if I may:

Morning time
I wake up to go to the loo… and Donut goes to his own pee mat. We “release” the stresses of the night at the same time and I get ready for work

I take him with me in my trusty red bag: https://instagram.com/p/mWiJGftyaf/,https://instagram.com/p/vpmox8NyR1/ – I’m lucky I work at a dog friendly office!

At the office
Donut enters the office and does his meet and greet. He goes to reception first, then to the middle of the office, then to the end.

People don’t realize that Donut actually has a job in the office – his duty is to go around to patrol all the garbage cans and ensure they are kept in pristine condition (he’s actually looking for scraps of food lol).

In addition to garbage duty, whenever a piece of mail is to be delivered to anybody in the office, the receptionist puts it in a backpack we got for him, with a post it note bearing the recipient’s name.  Donut then explores the office (as he usually does) and people are prompted to look at the note if ever Donut is wearing his backpack – We call it Pug Post™)

Donut also provides companionship to whoever is eating lunch or snacking by the lunch tables (he is waiting for people to give him food lol).

When it’s lunch time, Donut joins me and my coworkers at the lunch area – He tends to eat his food to fast, so we put a bear in his bowl to slow him down (it helps…..a little…) https://instagram.com/p/47dEsINyWu

After lunch is a quick walk for any poops or peeps building up and then nap time until it’s home time!

I walk Donut up to the train station and have him hop in the red bag before I board the train: https://instagram.com/p/11QGVGNycu/

At home
We have a session or two for him to do tricks (sit, shake hands, down,etc) – it’s a good way to keep his mind sharp and not bored

Donut usually follows me around and “helps” out with chores. This includes sleeping on the laundry, lying down on a bed sheet I’m about to fold, staying close by on cleanup duty when I cook, and keeping my feet warm.

When it’s bed time, Donut seems to just “know”.  I’ll walk to the washroom to brush my teeth, and he’ll take that cue to help himself onto the bed and wait for me there.

From then on, it’s me enduring a whole night’s worth of pug snoring and spasms due to dreams – I always wonder what he dreams of.

Donut and his Photo/Videoshoots

Good lighting is crucial for quality photos. The best photos we have were taken in lots of natural light. We find that it takes a million shots when we have a concept we want to shoot for him (like him in a costume or something), but sometimes he’s already naturally doing something funny – and those just take one or two!

He’s a natural in front of the camera because he’s naturally lazy and mouldable.  At around 12-1am at night, we call that the “magic hour” because that’s when he’s just too lazy to do anything and will naturally go with whatever silly idea we come up with.