Rachel & Loki

Rachel & Loki

Best friends: Rachel & Loki

How old is Loki?

Loki is approximately 3 years old, though his exact age is unknown!

Can you tell us something unusual about Loki?

Loki is incredibly sensitive, and will hold a grudge like no other. If you hurt his feelings, prepare to be shunned.

Loki is super smart too, here are just some of the commands that he knows:

Sit, Stay, Come. Down, Roll Over, Bang. Wave, Nose, Cover, Look Left, Look Right, Crawl, Back up, Spin, Other Way, Bow, Jump, Jump Spin, Get that/Pick that up, Put it Away, Throw it Away, High Five, Bring it to Me, Get the Light, Get the Blanket, Through, Under, Over, Wait, Leave it, OK, Get the Ball, Drink Water, Go Potty, Go Outside, Foot, Front Up, Get in the Chair, Load Up….

What is Loki like with other pooches?

Other dogs in big open areas are lots of fun, in small spaces it is not safe and Loki does not encourage such interactions. He will avoid conflict by a mile! In small spaces, how can he avoid those not so nice doggies? That’s right, he can’t. Life lessons by Loki: avoid conflict, don’t play with dogs you can’t trust, and if all else fails just run really fast and everyone wins.

Can you tell us a typical day with Loki! 

Loki wakes up on his California King bed that he graciously allows his parents to share. He gets breakfast, hangs out in his front yard a bit then heads to the horses! He then runs like he’s not going to get to run ever again, shows his big 1200 pound brothers how much he missed them, and proceeds to get dirty. We clean up before heading to the office where he greets all his coworkers, furry and human. He spends the remainder of the day/evening sleeping on his three different beds at work and playing with his friends before heading home to eat dinner and prepare to rest up for the next day where it starts again!

Tell us a bit about your Instagram account and what made you start it…

I have an equine account, Nantucket_Blue, which I started to share my experiences and photos of my horse with the world. That grew and become a great source of inspiration for me and I met people all over the world with similar views! I love the networking aspect so I started OurSuperDogs to enter the doggy world. It also helps encourage me to keep at my passion for photography.

Does Loki travel with you? Is he a good travel companion? 

Loki is the BEST travel companion! He is so good and quiet, the easiest dog you’ll ever meet. He gets scared of things sometimes, but is generally very level-headed. He sleeps in the car for however long he needs to, and loves exploring new places.

What’s Loki’s favourite past time?

Hanging out with the horses. He would live with the horses if he could!

Loki is my best friend because..

I don’t know anyone else so kind, loving, intelligent, and caring. He brightens every room he enters and shows everyone he meets what it means to be truly happy to live. There isn’t a person out there that he can’t make smile! He is the best part of who I am.


Loki is wearing The Classic Pup bordeaux in size Medium