Materials for Print

We have created various materials for you to use to help you succeed! We are always looking to improve, so feel free to request anything that you think would be helpful that we don’t have yet. You can post requests in the Facebook group, or email:

Click the images below to open the files, and you can save or print from there!


Showcases all our collections!

Business Cards

Write in your code on the front 🙂


Full page, half page, or quarter page.

Rep Tips & Tricks

Take a look at our blog posts created just for you! These are here to help you, so let us know if there is a topic you’d like us to cover! 💕


Be sure to join our exclusive Facebook Group for Reps to stay in touch with us and other reps, and make sure you are up to date with the latest announcements, photos and tips!

With over 1000 members, the Facebook group is a fast-growing community of animal lovers – and the pawfect place to discuss ideas, share content, grow your network and connect with other pawesome Reps!

We also have a photo tips guide that you can print to take with you when photographing you and your bestie in your matching accessories. If you don’t have a Facebook – you can still view and download photos from our main page!

Facebook Group Download Photo Tips

FriendshipCollar Loves Rescues

We work with many rescues to shed light on the amazing work they are doing. We really want to help find these pooches their furever home. Take a look at pets who are looking for their forever best friends, and see if you know of anyone who would be the pawfect match!

Do you photograph for your local rescue? Or know one that would want to collaborate? Let us know, and we can work together to feature their pets on our blog!


Email to learn about being featured!

Learn more about how we help feed hungry shelter animals

Every purchase contributes food to help feed animals in shelters across the United States!

Coming Soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered, feel free to email 🙂

What are the rules?
  1. You must be 18 and older to be a FriendshipCollar Rep.
  2. Please don’t comment with your Rep Code or Referral Link on any of FriendshipCollar’s social media posts, ads, blogs or any other FriendshipCollar pages.
  3. Please don’t post your Rep Code or Referral Link on any coupon website, forum, or other website or social media page that is not your own. Your personal code is only reserved for your friends, family and followers.
  4. Be kind, respectful and represent our brand in the best way possible (no spammy, negative or offensive content allowed).You CAN use your own code to make orders, and you will receive commission from your own orders.
  5. Please don’t create accounts that appear to act as an extension of the FriendshipCollar brand, for example, with usernames such as “FriendshipCollarRep”. This wouldn’t be fair to other Reps! An account called “Sallys_FriendshipCollars” would be okay! 

Failure to comply with any of the rules above will immediately get your account removed from our Rep Program and your commissions voided.

The purpose of this program is to work with passionate reps who want to make the world a better place for both pets and humans. All we ask is that you promote our brand in a positive and friendly way and represent us in the best way possible to your family and friends. Have a lot of fun & happy repping!!

When will we receive our commissions?

All you need is a PayPal account to receive your payment on the 15th of each month for all commissions earned in the previous month.

EX: On December 15th, you’ll receive a payment for all commissions made in November..

Do we just order like normal, with no code or do we use our own? Or is there a universal Rep code?

You can use your own code, and you’ll receive your discount and your commission 🙂

Is there a way to see who or at least demographics and data of who is purchasing using our code?

We cannot provide you with this customer information, however you might encourage people to let you know what design they ordered if they use your code! That would be a fun way of learning this information, and engaging with your followers.

How long does it take for an order to show up in my account?

It can take around 24 hours for a sale to show in your dashboard!

Should we expect a W2 for taxes or is there a different way we would have to file?

You will not receive a W2 or a 1099 from FriendshipCollar (we are based in the UK). I believe you report it as “other income” but please consult with a tax professional for this!

Would there ever be a chance to get an increased fixed discount based on how many sales a rep makes?

We periodically increase rep codes for holiday sales from 15% to 20%, and your commissions are tiered! If your code is used for purchasing over a certain amount, your commission will increase. Your rep code, however, will stay the same!

Which shelters benefit from our sales?

We are working on a new section of our website, where we will feature the total amount of food that has been donated to shelter besties! This will be updated each month with lots of fun facts about FriendshipCollar Feeds Rescues! Thanks so much for your super kind patience, we really can’t wait to share more information with you on who we have fed this month, with your help! We really want to reach our goal to feed 1 million animals! We will also be sharing more unique rescue stories along with our other charity initiatives!

Ideas on how I should advertise besides making posts?

Reps have had fun with sharing FriendshipCollar in person at pet-themed events! You can share your code by printing business cards with the website and your code to hand out at your vet’s office, dog parks, or other pet-friendly locations too. Or, putting up a small poster at such locations!

How do we advise about sizing for collars?

There is both an interactive size chart for using a credit card to measure for your dog’s collar, and a size chart with measurements in inches on each product page! You can also find sizing information here:

How can I get booklets or catalogs?

You can print booklets, catalogs, or business cards from this page! Simply click the image that you would like, and then either print from the page that opens, or “Save as PDF” or “Print to PDF” to save it to send somewhere for printing! If you want to save just one page of a multiple page file, be sure to print only the page you want by entering the page number.

Where can FriendshipCollar ship to?

Nearly everywhere! You can direct people to this page with their shipping questions: