6 Reasons Your Bestie is The Best!

So this blog post is possibly the easiest one to write – we could list 1,000 reasons why dogs rule and everything else, well, drools…

But have you ever considered the following things that make our four legged besties just purely pawfect?

Which one of these is you and your bestie?


Meow, bark, yum – it’s all the same!

You know those moments when you feel a bit low and you reach into the fridge looking for just about anything to appear. Well yep, you guessed it, if you look down you will see your bestie beside you. Not judging you. Not caring that your hair is in a messy top bun and that you haven’t washed it in days. They always always always want snacks with you, at any time of day or night, and who can complain about that?


Are you dreaming anything real good? We just love when little paws run in their sleep!

Daytime TV and snoozing on the sofa is just that bit more acceptable when you have a furry bestie to lean on. You can blame the snoring on them and they really won’t mind! Got plans tonight? Why actually I do… with my dog.


Mama – we need one in EVERY color!

Does your BFF rock a new collar each season? Do they have their summer leash wardrobe sorted? Your pooch is always excited when the mail man arrives with parcels, they never ask you how much something costs and they are always sniffing out the packaging, helping you unwrap your boxes and peeking in to see if there is something for them  – and maybe modeling your new purchases! This makes them the perfect kind of shopping companion and the kind that deserves a little treat. Did someone say ‘Add to Bag’?


If only us humans could master the ‘puppy dog eyes’ so well!

You love your bestie so so much. Just think about all the things you actually do for them – you feed them, love them, pick up their poops. But think about how in return, your bestie has probably got you out of a few jams, and by jams we mean taking the blame for things you have broken or ruined, along with your farts, burps or snores. If dog’s could talk… Do you think they would spill all your secrets?


Snuggle Bugs 4 Lyfe!

Your BFF has no choice when you pick them up and squeeze them close to you. Even if they run away a bit or get excited when someone’s at the door, you don’t take this personally, you just run after them and hug them some more! You show them your crazy side but they still stick by you regardless.


Did I hear my name? Or – one of my names?

We talk in mysterious ways to our one and only’s. If your pooch has learnt all the nicknames that you call them and they still listen to you when you speak to them, then you know that it’s true love! If your bestie has more than 10 nicknames and counting, then you really are an awesome pawesome pawrent!

There are soooo many perfect bestie duos – tell us, do any of these pawsonality types sound like you and your pooch? What’s your bestie signature friendship style?