Champis & Goril

♡ How old are you?

Champis 3 years old
Gøril 25 years old

♡ When did you first met your human friend?

The summer of 2014, in my breeder’s puppy garden together with my other two brothers.

♡ What is life with Champis like?

Life with Champis is simply great! He came into my life in a period where I was struggling hard with my veterinary studies. My motivation was poor, my results nothing to brag about, and I were considering quitting and moving back home. Champis was definitely a game changer. First of all, he instantly filled my life with love, joy and laughter (lots of it). Second, I suddenly had to organize my days better, be more effective, and the most important – take regular study breaks! Champis has made me appreciate the small things in life, and showed me how to live in the moment. I wouldn’t change a thing in our life, and I wish I could have him by my side forever!

♡ Champis has a lot of playmates! What adventures do you go on together?

Yes, he has! We’re travelling a lot between Norway and Poland due to my studies, and he is lucky to have many great friends in both places! We love to go camping and hiking with both two- and four legged friends, and memories made in the nature together with friends and family are the best ones!

♡ Champis, if you can only choose one, what will you pick? The sea, Forest or Snow?

Oh, that’s a tricky one! I love to swim, and as a toller, retrieving from water is in my nature. Although, I’m a huge fan of long walks in the deep forests – I love all the different smells of animals that have crossed our path, the sounds of birds singing, and the fresh, moist forest air! Still, there is almost nothing like waking up to, and play around in the first snow of the winter! But, if I have to choose one, it will be the sea.

♡ What is your favorite part of the day? Do you have a favorite toy or place?

My favorite part of the day is definitely the mornings. I love to start the day cuddling with mommy in bed. I usually not leave bed until breakfast is served. I love to continue to snooze on the floor, warming her feet while she is finishing her coffee. Then, we go for a morning walk together, and the adventures of the day can start!

♡ One thing that you do that melts your mama’s heart.

Champis is melting hearts daily, either by the way he is playing funny – spinning around chasing his tail, or the way he seeks out the ones in need of some comfort. He loves children, and although I would never leave him alone with them, I know that he would never hurt anyone. Despite his young age, Champis seems reflected, wise and patient. He is the best dog and friend I could ever wish for!

♡ Lastly, can you finish this sentence:

Champis is my best friend because… he always knows how to make me smile and warm my heart, even when everything else seems hopeless. He is my motivator, my study- buddy, my travel companion, my partner in crime, and my best reason to wake up early – even in the weekends!