Clari & Lia

Yummy treats & rainy Sunday afternoons on the couch.

Our latest pet crush: Clari & Golden Retriever Lia

Social media fame:

Instagram: Clari_calahari

Facebook: Dogs In Motion

The story: Love at first sight? (Tell us when your friendship started!)

I was booked for a photo shoot and when I saw the only 3 weeks old puppies I immediately fell in love with them. 5 weeks later one puppy of this litter moved into our home & hearts

Breed: Golden Retriever

Describe your Lia in 3 words.. cutest dog ever!

Finish this sentence. Lia makes me smile when … she comes with her leash in the mouth and shows me she wants to go for a walk NOW!

My dog is my best friend because…. she is always likes to do what I want to do: go for long walks or runs, napping on rainy Sunday afternoons on the couch and eating yummy treats of course 😉