Egbert & Elizabeth

♡ How old is little Egbert?

Egbert was born 2/20/16

♡ How big will he get?

Egbert is expected to grow to the size of a small/medium dog

♡ How did you become best friends?

Because of the fact that my sister is allergic to most traditional pets, dogs and cats were out of the question. However, being the avid animal lover I am, I searched online for an alternative forever friend. That's when I found out about mini pigs! I did research (like any responsible possible pig owner should do) for about a year, and finally committed to a breeder in Arizona. I was on the waiting list for about another year, and finally, Egbert was born 2/20/16. It was fate and I fell in love with him at first sight!

♡ Can you tell us a bit about life with a mini pig? What is dinner time like? Where does Egbert sleep?

Life with a mini pig is very interesting. Egbert gets super excited whoever it’s around dinner time because he knows what time it is, and runs straight to his food bowl! Also, like a baby, Egbert cries whenever I leave the room because his penned area is in my room and he can see me leaving. Egbert sleeps in my room, in his penned area on a huge bed all to himself.

♡ Does Edbert come everywhere with you?

I actually started Instagram to share Egbert’s adorableness, but to also share his journey to becoming a therapy pig in the future! It is both of our hopes that he can become a registered therapy pig so that I can take him to the local hospitals, schools, and senior homes to make as many people happy as possible. For now though, he’s still getting training inside the house for getting used to people. As soon as he is ready to meet strangers, he will definitely go everywhere with me! :smile:

♡ Can you tell us the sweetest thing Egbert does?

I love it the most when Egbert roots on me, because it’s like he’s telling me “I love you” or “I trust you.” It’s also very sweet when Egbert climbs on top of me to take a nap.

Egbert is my best friend because… he’s always there and will be there for me! He loves me and I love him!