Eleonora and Sharon


🀍 How did you come to get Sharon? 

I took Sharon when she was two months old. They were five siblings. When I went to choose which puppy to take home, she immediately jumped on me. I couldn't do anything else!Β 

🀍 Tell us a bit about Sharon's personality!

Since she was a puppy, she has always been a very calm, quiet, and obedient dog. She gets along well with all animals but is a little afraid of screaming children and strangers.

🀍 What is a typical day for your bestie like?

We take many walks every day, and she follows me around the house. We are literally always together!

🀍 How does she cheer you up when you're sad?

When I'm sad, she only does one thing: jump on me! And Sharon is not very light

🀍 What is your favorite bonding activity?

Our favorite activity is going to the sea to swim! Fortunately, we live near the beach and go there always.

🀍 What is the naughtiest thing she has done?

Maybe steal my lipstick and turn all red? Hahah. Sharon is a very good girl. She has never done serious damage in the house, fortunately!

🀍 What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

I love FriendshipCollar because, in my opinion, it's like having a symbol of our bond.


🀍 Can you share a funny story about Sharon?

Sharon and I sometimes help the volunteers of our city with the stray animals. Unfortunately, it is often to find abandoned newborn puppies here. We take them so we can feed them through baby bottles until they are adopted.

Sharon acts like a mom and loves kittens madly! The funniest thing was when we took ten orphaned kittens. One day entering the house, I found them all above Sharon! In order not to disturb them, she stood still. But with her eyes she said β€œHuman! Help me please!" We then kept two of those kittens who now follow her everywhere. Poor Sharon!

🀍 What is the most challenging thing about owning a dog?

Owning a dog is a great responsibility. At the beginning, you have to make sacrifices and adjust your lifestyle to offer her the best! The most difficult thing is walking in the rain. It is not very pleasant because Sharon loves to play with mud.

🀍 What is the best thing about having Sharon in your life?

Key word: Joy! I never get bored with Sharon. She is a very funny and playful dog. I can't imagine my days without her!