Elisabeth & Barkley

Super fly, uber-friendly, 4lbs of cuteness!

Our Latest Pet Crush: Barkley The Pom.

Social Media Fame: Instagram @barkleythepom, Twitter, YouTube & Vine

We would love to know a little more about how your pooch became such a celebrity… We made silly videos & photos of him doing his own thing or scripted ones of him bobbing his head to Bob Markey songs, pranking shoppers in toy stores or spoofs of superhero’s. People like them. He loves the attention. So we make more!

The Story: Love at first sight? Absolutely. He was the tiniest, feistiest, cuddliest…!

Nickname: Barks / The Barkster / B Man.

Breed: Pomeranian (Size: 4 lbs/2kgs)

Favourite Outfit: Rasta collar. It means WALKIES!

Describe your Dogs in 3 words: Chill, cuddlesome, uber-friendly. (Was that 4?)

Barkley is the best because… He loves everyone & is the most uncomplicated easy going tiny dog ever!

Favourite trick? Head bobbing to music.

Tell us a quirky/Funny Story about Barkley: something he always does if we are out & about & he is recognised or gets a lot of attention is: he lets out a little roar as if to say “yay thanks” or “I love you too”. Its very endearing. He is very vocal & is definitely communicating with humans.

What’s the cutest thing Barkley the Pom does / has ever done? Washing his own face in the bath with his tiny fat paws. Letting bugs live by just gently tapping them with his nose as if to say “Hey bud”.

barkley 2

Main personality traits: Goes up to all humans assuming they will love him. Travels so well all over the world. Favourite Hobbies?  Chasing birds. Ultra long walks. Coercing random humans into giving bellyrubs.

Describe your Dog’s typical day.. Walk, breakfast, nap while human works out. Out & about with the human all day  (can be traveling / a Barkley job / human work) with random naps too. Walk & maybe a swim. Dinner. Short bathroom walk. Cuddles. Bed.

Finish this sentence. Barkley makes me smile when… I see him. He just lights up the world.