FC Feeds Rescues: Michigan Kitten Edition!

At FriendshipCollar, we believe that every pooch & every cat should find their furever home and that every human should have a best friend with paws! 🐾

So for every sale made, we donate food to shelters across the USA.We want to ensure that nutritious and yummy pet food goes to shelters that care for animals that have been abused, injured, abandoned or are otherwise in need.

We are excited to start sharing some success stories, featuring some of the paw-dorable shelter animals that have been fed thanks to your purchase!

Our first stories feature rescue kittens from Michigan who are feline good thanks to your support! 😽

Brad, Tender, and Mitch

Brad, Tender, and Mitch were born to a feral cat who brought her kittens to a managed colony and abandoned them. For days, Saving Cats & Kittens in Michigan heard them crying but couldn’t find or catch them, until they set up a drop trap with delicious and nutritious treats donated by the Rescue Bank program that we support! Throughout the night cats and other animals enjoyed the feast until finally one of the baby kittens was spotted. Suddenly, a huge possum ambled under the trap… and the kitten went in and began to eat next to the possum! The possum turned to look at the team, and shrewdly strolled out of the trap so they could rescue the baby kitten! 😺

Brad, Tender, and Mitch were cold and very wet the night they were caught in the rain. After Saving Cats & Kittens bathed & vetted, spayed & neutered them, Brad was adopted by a lovely family with two young children, Tender was adopted by a single man who adores her, and Mitch was adopted by a man with a seven-year-old son who sleeps with his kitty every night!

We LOVE that these 3 kitty cats found their furever home! 😻

Kirby the Tabby

This is Kirby, a 15-year-old grey tabby. He was rescued from a neglectful situation in October last year, shuttled among several family members, none of whom cared about his well-being. When an animal rescue friend contacted Happy Hearts Feline Rescue, he was emaciated, dehydrated, lethargic, and in poor health. 😿

Happy Hearts (who provided us with this sweet photo of Kirby enjoying his breakfast!) immediately took Kirby to their veterinarian clinic, where Kirby was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Thankfully, Kirby is now on the road of recovery – gaining weight as a result of the nutritious food you helped us to donate! He is feeling much better, calmer and healthier under the care of Happy Hearts!💕

At FriendshipCollar, we are so grateful that we are able to have such a meaningful impact on the lives of so many rescue animals, and we couldn’t do it without your support!

We LOVE that your FriendshipCollar symbolizes the powerful bond between you and your bestie! ❤️

We LOVE that every time you purchase a FriendshipCollar, we are able to feed hungry shelter animals who are still waiting to find their BFF! ❤️  

By helping us to donate nutritious food to animals in need, rescues and shelters across the USA are able to put more funds towards vaccinations, neutering, microchips, veterinary care and so many more imPAWtant services that will help them find a furever home for so many furry felines and precious pooches!

Thank you! 🐾