Forrest & Jameson

Instagram: @forrest.and.jameson

♡ What is your mommas name?


♡ How old are you both?

Forrest: Born 2/25/15
Jameson: Born 12/7/16

♡ You’re both such cuties! It looks like you do everything together! How long have you been best friends for?

We are biological brothers so ever since the day Jameson came home at 7 weeks, we’ve had a connection.

♡ Forrest, what is the naughtiest thing Jameson has ever done?

Jameson can be mischievous at times! The naughtiest things he’s done is dig in mud then run inside to get the floors all dirty! Mom was not happy about that.

♡ Jameson, what is the funniest thing Forrest has ever done?

He’s such a sweet big brother so I think it’s funny that even though he’s bigger than me, he never tries to steal my toys. He just stares at me and does this funny bark/whine.

♡ You both look so playful and active, what’s your typical day with momma like?

Since Jameson is so young, he always wakes mom and I up around 6:30 to go use the restroom. After we’ve done our business and received a treat, we wrestle until it’s time for us to go on our morning walk. We love to go to the park or downtown. We love to great people as they are going to work! We come back home and that’s when we nap. We wake up, wrestle, then nap again. Mom then usually takes outside for a game of fetch then it’s time for dinner! We eat and wrestle some more then it’s time for us to go to sleep.. after all, our days are very busy

♡ How are you two getting along? Have you always wanted a baby brother Forrest?

We get along just great! When mom told me I was getting a little brother, I was a little skeptical. After I met him though I knew we’d be best friends forever.

♡ Jameson, I heard you’ll be 5 months old soon. Happy Birthday!  Any plans for your big day?

Thank you! I plan on possibly meeting up with some friends at the dog park and playing a game of “chase the birds”. We’ll see 🙂

♡ Who is more clingy? Forrest or Jameson?

Forrest is definitely more clingy right now. Although Jameson loves to cuddle, Forrest is always by my side.

♡ You are lucky to have two besties! What is life like with your two boys!

I couldn’t picture my life without them. They are so special in their own ways and I wake up everyday so happy and full of love ❤️

♡ What’s the cutest thing your dog does / has ever done?

What I absolutely love that my pups do it constantly cuddle with me. Whenever I am laying down, or sitting down, they always come over and sit with me. They lick me to death and always make me feel loved. Every moment with my pups is great. They make my days so much brighter