Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween is the spookiest time of the year, especially for pets. The scary costumes alone are enough to send them to their bed shivering! Combine the costumes with the noise and sheer amount of people, and you’ve got the stuff of doggie nightmares.

If I hide here, no one can see me!

But you don’t want your BFF to miss out on all the spooky fun! Luckily, we’ve got a few tricks for keeping your pal calm and safe this Halloween.

Don’t force Fido to wear a costume.

Your BFF is sure to look adorable in that ghost costume, but don’t force him to wear it if he doesn’t want to.

When your dog is uncomfortable, you’ll notice some tell-tail signs: turning his head away, tucking his tail between his legs, and showing the whites of his eyes are just a few of them.

If your dog loves dressing up, great! Just be sure his costume won’t harm him or restrict his ability to move or function normally.

Use synthetic pheromones to calm your cat.

We can’t furget our feline friends on this festive night of fright! If you plan on hosting a big party, but you’ve got a scaredy cat who doesn’t like loud noises, purchase some synthetic feline pheromones.

When your cat feels safe, she secretes a special scent and uses it to mark her territory. (It’s kind of similar to how your dog pees on everything you love to mark his own!) Synthetic pheromones, which you can purchase from virtually any pet store, mimic this scent and help calm your cat when she’s stressed. These usually come in a spray bottle.

Be sure to introduce your cat to these pheromones gradually, so she’s used to them by the time you throw that big Halloween bash.

Keep your dog on leash at all times when trick-or-treating.

Let’s face it -- no matter how careful you are, there are bound to be tricksters who will play pranks on unsuspecting trick-or-treaters (and their pets!) on Halloween night. That’s why it’s important to keep your dog on his leash while out. Even if he’s well-behaved and stays by your side, you don’t want someone to scare him and make him run away.

Your dog should also be current on vaccinations and wear up-to-date identification tags -- which should ideally include your name, address, and phone number -- just to be safe.

Keep your cat indoors.

According to an old legend, some people steal cats -- particularly black cats -- to sacrifice on Halloween. (How anyone could ever be so cruel to an innocent kitty is beyond us!)

While there’s not a whole lot of evidence to support that claim, many animal shelters take extra precautions during October. Some shelters won’t allow people to adopt black cats in October to protect them against cruelty and abandonment.

But, no matter what color their fur is, you should keep your kitty inside on Halloween. They’ll feel much safer in your home, away from all the noise and ghastly ghouls!

Hide the candy!

This little guy is sad that he can’t enjoy the goodies! But it’s for his own good.

This one seems like common sense, but, according to the PetPoison Helpline, the number of poisoning cases increases by 12% during Halloween week! There’s a simple solution: keep your stash out of reach, and be sure to throw away all candy wrappers.

Your small children might want to share their candy with your beloved family pet. That’s why you should talk to them about pets and candy before you go trick-or-treating. Let them know that candy is dangerous for animals and could make them very sick.

You should also know what signs to look for in case your pal accidentally chows down on some chocolate. If your pet is experiencing vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of energy, call your veterinarian immediately. Better safe than sorry!

Don’t let your pet get the glow sticks.

Your feline friend can still join in the party, though![/caption]

Cats in particular like bright, shiny things. They’re also notorious for chewing on things they shouldn’t, which is why cats and glow sticks are a bad mix! Keep any unopened glow sticks out of your pet’s reach, and properly dispose of all used glow sticks.

Ingesting the contents of a glow stick isn’t necessarily life-threatening, but it could make your pet very ill. You don’t want to end your night with a trip to the vet, so keep those sticks out of your pal’s paws!

We know you take your pet’s safety very seriously, especially during the holidays, but a few reminders never hurt anyone.

If you’re planning on spending Halloween safe and sound in your bed, we’ve got some fun Fido-friendly Halloween activities that you’ll love!

We wish you and your furry family a spooky and safe Halloween. Love and friendship x