Insider Tips & Tricks: Social Media!

Social media is a great way to be part of a community of pet lovers! You can find inspiration for training, adventuring, taking photos and spending quality time with you pets! It also serves as the perfect platform to showcase your FriendshipCollars to people who would love to match, just like you! Here are some tips for making your page a hit!

Be Fun 🎉

Have a personality! Make sure your posts of your pets showcase their unique qualities to make them fun. If your pet has their own Instagram, then make sure your page tells their story! Don’t have every post be about selling – make the posts about your pup or your kitty and let the products show naturally. Don’t forget to make use of stories! 

Grow Your Following by Being Active!

Instead of scrolling past all those cute puppy or kitty pics on your feed, take a moment to engage with other people. Read captions, comment thoughtfully, and build friendships! Not only will this expand your instaworld, it will also put your name out there for other people to find you if they like what you’re saying!
Find new accounts that have similar interests! Browse photos that use the same hashtags that you do to connect with new people & expand your reach.

Do you know any influencers or bloggers in the pet world? If you do, then reach out to them! Their audience & followers are much more likely to be interested in our product, so you can reach loads more potential customers by leveraging this connection! Ask if they would be willing to collaborate on a post, do a shoutout on social, share or repost your image/video/story! This is a great way to broaden your reach, boost your own network and of course make more commission!

Don’t forget to use relevant Hashtags so that your content is searchable and accessible on social media platforms… Easier to find = more eyes on you! #FriendshipCollar #SummerDaze #Matching are good ones to start with!