James & Julie

♡ How old are you?

1 and 1/2, I'm born on 14th August 2014

♡ How did you meet your new best friend?

She came, looked at me, and we fell in love immediately ♡

♡ What is your typical day like?

zzz: I wake up and have some cuddles with my BFFI then chill and play in the house before I enjoy a little morning walk and then I chill again until lunch time. After that I have a little nap,zzz: and chill again and sometimes we take a long walk along the beach up to dinner time!zzz: End of the day

♡ What is the cheekiest thing you do?

When my parents are asleep, I get on the bed and take up the whole place!

♡ Do you get spoiled? What does your bestie do for you that makes you smile?

Spoiled? I've my own cupboard in a room... A real paradise for dogs :see_no_evil:I love being with my bestie, so, every kind of thing that we can make together makes me happy. But I really love playing with her on the beach

♡ Do you prefer exploring or taking naps?

OMG... I'm an english bulldog... Taking a nap of course, but I'm also very curious...One can say that I explore many things in my dreams!

♡ It looks like you get to go on lots of doggy days out! Where do you go to?

Wow yeah, in so many and different places like: in the woods, in the countryside, on the beach, in the mountains, in snow, in water (sea, lake, river...) I live in a beautiful and varied place!

♡ How do your greet your bestie when they come back home?

Everyday, when I hear the key in the lock, I rush to the main door and I jump on my best friend! She cuddles and kisses me, I'm in paradise! 

My Human is my best friend because...Our love is unconditional!