Kaitlyn & Izzy

Best friends: Kaitlyn & Izzy

How old is Izzy?

Izzy's a year and a half old, her birthday is July 12, 2014!

Can you tell us a bit about how Izzy came into your life?

I really wanted a puppy, so that was all I asked for for my seventeenth birthday. My sister and I had been looking on Petfinder trying to find a unique dog. We had it narrowed it down to two puppies, Izzy (then Valley) and another. We met Izzy and it was love at first sight, we knew immediately we didn't need to meet the other puppy. We took Izzy home that day!

What is life like with Izzy?

Hilarious. She has the biggest personality, she's always talking to us, chasing a toy across the house, begging for your food or trying to sneak on the couch when my mom isn't looking to snuggle. There is never a dull (or quiet) moment with her.

The pictures of her with her tongue out make us so happy! Is she always goofing around for the camera?

She LOVES to pose for the camera. She gets lots of treats and peanut butter when we have photoshoots, so when she sees me pick up the camera, she immediately stops what she's doing to start posing.

What is her favourite past time?

Telling us her opinion on everything. I'm waiting for the day she starts speaking English.

Where does she sleep?

Either in my bed or on the extra bed in my room for guests. She's a princess.

Can you tell us something unique about Izzy?

Izzy has learned how to scale our fence in our back yard. She loves to jump our fence and play with our neighbor's Golden Retriever or the deer who lives behind our fence.

My dog is my best friend because... she is the light of my life!