Koda & Lauri

Instagram: @britishbrothers

♡ How did you name Koda and his brother O'Neill?

Koda is named after the bear in the Disney movie Brother Bear. British shorthair kitties kind of remind me of bears with their big paws and chubby faces. Koda also means friend.

I don't really had a reason for calling his brother O'Neill, his brothers from the same litter had Irish names as well so I looked up more Irish names and just really liked the name O'Neill!

♡ What is it like having British Shorthairs?

It's the best and I can really say I'm addicted, I hope to add a new family member in the future. I've had domestic shorthairs before as well but it's so different. Koda and O'Neill are really cuddly, sometimes playful but very lazy overall! 😸

♡ What are they like together?

They're absolutely adorable when they're together, they sleep together, clean each other, run after each other. They also have a big labrador brother.

♡ When did you first get them? What was your first encounter like?

I knew their breeder for a long time, I've had a BSH before but unfortunately he died at a very young age. The woman offered me a new kitten and that's where Koda picked me as his new furrever meowmy. They are half brothers, they have the same dad but a different mom and come from the same breeder.

♡ What's the cutest thing they do or have done?

I love to watch them when they are licking/cleaning each other! 😽

♡ What is a typical day like for your fur babies?

Sleep, play, eat, repeat!

♡ Where do they like to sleep?

Now that it's getting colder they really love to lay under the blankets.

♡ Why did you start an Instagram account for them

They started to take over my personal account, that's where things had to change! Cats never never judge you, they truly are my best furriends and never fail to make me smile or cheer me up. I could never live without them!