Leizel & Leia

Best friends: Leizel & Leia


Social Media Fame: @liezelonline and @leiadog

Breed: Daxie Mix

Colour of fur: Tan

Nicknames: Princess Leia

♡ How old is Leia? Can you tell us a bit about her personality and how you became best friends?

Leia is 2years old and we met her on a rainy day at the SPCA in Grassy Park. Leia was hiding inside her cage whilst all the other dogs were out in the rain. It was love at first sight, we have been inseparable since.

♡ What is your favourite thing to do together?

We love to head to the beach and splash around in the waves.

♡ Does she get to travel with you?

Leia travels locally with us. There are so many great pet friendly restaurants and holiday spots in the western cape that we like to explore.

♡ What's the most exciting adventure you have ever been on?

My partner and I took Leia mountain biking in Hermanus.

♡ If Leia could talk, what would she say?

Mom stop dressing me up for Halloween.

Leia is the best at... posing for photos.

Life with Leia is... life changing.