Lindsey, Coco & Paris

Our Day | A Poem By Lindsey


There’s breakfast with the paw kids,
Where Coco steals the snacks.
And work at eight with Paris,
Who gives my keyboard a couple of smacks.
Now it’s mid-afternoon,
Time for a quick photo sess.
Watch the fur kids accessorize,
And compete for who wore it best!

Off we go for walkies,
Paris’ favorite time of day.
Coco is not a fan,
But we make him go anyway.
This next stop is for Lindsey,
It’s the one she loves best.
Give her a grande skinny vanilla latte,
And she calls this trip a success!
It’s been a wonderful day, 
Everyone has said.
Thanks for tagging along,  
And now we’re off to bed! 

Our Story

My love affair with Coco began 14 years ago. A friend of mine
knew of a reputable breeder who mistakenly had a triple litter of
Chihuahua puppies. When I went to select a my fur baby, I was
actually holding another puppy when Coco came and sat on my
foot. I looked down and he was staring up at me quietly. At that
moment I just knew; that is my best friend down there.

To say Coco has moxie would be an understatement. He is
consistently rolling his eyes at me while he lounges around the
house. He is 100% running things. Everyone who meets Coco
immediately loves him; other dogs included. He is just the coolest
little old man! I’m pretty sure he is swopping crazy hooman stories
when he meets up with his dog pals because he is always chilling
somewhere shaded, quietly chatting during puppy play dates.

Paris joined our dynamic duo eight months ago. She had been a
part of several different loving homes who all had to give her up
due to changing family circumstances. My brother called me to see
if I had room in my heart for a six year old Yorkie with a winning
smile. I jumped at the chance as I had been thinking about
adopting a sibling for Coco. When Paris arrived, our pack was
immediately complete. They just adore each other and always by
each other’s side.

Despite quarantine the three of us still enjoy our daily walks, car
rides and backyard games at home. They are always up to
something but I wouldn’t have it any other way.