Linn & Chibo

By @mrchibo

♥ Your bestie’s name, age and breed?

Chibo is a 4 y/o Chihuahua boy.

♥ What is the funniest he has ever done?

Chibo makes me laugh every day with his funny personality. 😄 Like every night when he runs off to the bedroom at 9pm sharp, or when I ask him if he’s hungry and he answers with a yelp.

♥ What is it like having a dog as a best friend?

It makes me feel very lucky! I wouldn’t be where I am today without this little guy.

♥ Can he do any fun tricks?

Chibo is always up for a high five! ✋ He also knows how to speak and “boop” himself by putting a paw on his nose.

♥ What is the strangest thing he has eaten?

The fact that he loves all veggies, including collard greens... I must have done something right!

♥ Any secrets about him you can share with us?

His real name is Malibu and he doesn’t like the beach much 😂

♥ What is his favorite way to relax?

Doesn’t matter how or where, as long as there’s a bit of sun. He’s a sun dog! 🌞

♥ Does he have a favorite summer treat?

🍉Watermelon and cucumber.

♥ What’s his favorite thing to do?

Hiking! I love watching him off-leash doing “his thing”. He’s very brave and athletic.

♥ Do you travel together?

I always make sure my holiday is Chibo friendly! Our biggest adventure so far was last year when we flew to Tasmania to go hiking.