Lucky Kitty


❤ Tell us how you met! How old is Lucky?

Lucky was abandoned along with his mother and siblings. He was left in a box in a nearby cul-de-sac at seven weeks old. He found his way to our home and we instantly fell in love. Lucky is two years old.

❤ Describe his personality!
Lucky is very energetic and ready to play at a moment's notice.

❤ Did he instantly like being dressed up?
Lucky doesn’t mind wearing clothes and his glasses. At first he was unsure of wearing items but, the verbal encouragement he receives when dressed up feeds his love for being dressed up. We always praise him and tell him how adorable he is. He loves this positive feedback.

❤ He looks so cute with those glasses on, did he like wearing them right away?
At first he was skeptical, but now he forgets he has them on and goes about exploring and climbing trees with them on.


❤ What’s the naughtiest thing he has done?
Lucky is very territorial and is known to climb our pool screen just to show how big and strong he is.

❤ What makes your cat super awesome?
Lucky is super awesome because he has the sweetest little cattitude, loves to smile, and looks adorable in everything.

❤ What’s the silliest thing your kitty cat does?
Lucky likes to clean up after himself after every meal. While he may seem like a neat freak, he is actually tapping into his wild instincts!

❤ Do you have a bonding activity that he loves most?
He loves to be carried and cuddled. Daddy likes to give him a ride on his shoulder and Mum likes to hold him like a baby.

❤ What does having FriendshipCollar harness mean to you?
I love the FriendshipCollar harness so much because it fits so well, looks beautiful, and most of all I know Lucky is secure wearing it. It is very well made and Lucky is very comfortable wearing it!

❤ What’s the most challenging thing about having a cat?
The most challenging thing about having a cat is just making sure we are doing the very best for Lucky and that he stays healthy and well.

❤ What are your top tips on being the best cat pawrent?
My top tips for being the best cat pawrent is to be patient, frequently praise, reward good behavior, and cuddle often. Every cat has its own personality, and the best way to be a good cat pawrent is to understand their personality. Then both you and your feline friend can enjoy a wonderful friendship!

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