May & Malcolm

Instagram: @malcolm_the_akita

♡ How old are you?

Malcolm just turned one on the first January and I’m twenty four years old, soon 25 in March

♡ Do you have any other fur-siblings or are you an only pet?

No, I am an only pet!

♡ How did your Mom end up with your name Malcolm?

My mommy always wanted to call her dog Malcolm! When she saw my family for the first time, she literally had a crush on me and no one else. And guess what?! My breeder had already named me Malcolm » So it was Destiny …

♡ You are such a cute and adorable dog. Do you love to pose for pictures?

You’re right, I’m such a poser ! I learnt very fast how to stay still and how to concentrate and to look very proud in pictures. I think I understood very quickly that if I do it well, I will get yummy treats !

♡ I cannot help but notice the heart shape white fur on your chest! Do you use this to attract the ladies?

Thank you for noticing! My little white heart and my white socks are my particularity, but I prefer to use my lovely smiling face to attract girls

♡ You are quite popular. How do you handle your fame? I’m sure the girls are always looking at you!

Yes and it’s so incredible ! I’m so happy that people give me so much love, tenderness and cuddles. You can count on me, I give them much love when I have the opportunity to meet them.

♡ How did you find your family?

I was born in a kennel in northern France. My parents were in contact with my breeder, until they choose me from seeing my pictures. I met them few weeks later and they arrived at the kennel, I ran as fast as I could to be the first of my family to say hello! They were so happy to meet me and they said I was much more beautiful in reality than in my pictures.

♡ What did you get for Christmas?

Lots of treats!

♡ What is your favorite thing to do?

Nap, nap and nap !! I’m a professional sleeper 🙂

♡ It’s clear you love going to the beach! What is your most unforgettable time on the beach?

My most unforgettable time at the beach was my first time at the Dune du Pilat, a giant sand dune in front of the Ocean. I was two months and too young to climb it alone so my huge daddy carried me in a bag. When we were at the top of the dune, it was incredible ! Then I had my first swim in ocean, I played with waves and my toy in the sand. And we finished by having a long nap on the towel. It was such an awesome day.

♡ May, can you describe Malcolm in 3 words?

Majestic, Sweet heart and Cool

♡ Can you tell us any fun stories about Malcolm? He seems to be quite a funny guy.

Malcolm is very funny because he knows how to go to bed all alone. When it’s around 10 or 11pm, you can see Malcolm going to the bedroom on his bed by himself even if we stay in living room, he knows that it’s time to sleep for him.

♡ Life with Malcolm is …. magical and amazing.

♡ I love Malcolm because… he is my world, my universe… More than my friend, more than my baby