Nike & Natalie

instagram: @hungrynike


NIKE’S AGE: 7 months


♡ How is Nike like a regular pup, and how is she different?

She is the most unique looking pup I’ve ever seen – a little mustached fox with freckles. She has an amazing personality, loves to cuddle, and is very easygoing, which is important because I have to work so much and rely on a lot of friends/walkers to
help out – she loves them all. I’m super biased, but she’s the best dog.

♡ What is the coolest part of having a part fox bestie? What fox traits really shine through?

She’s absolutely gorgeous and my favorite subject to photograph. She is incredibly playful and inquisitive like a fox.

♡ Do people assume Nike’s all dog or does she get asked about her heritage a lot?

People always ask what she is and many have commented on how she looks like a little fox/asked if she’s part fox. Most people don’t know what she is. So many people have chased us down as we take her for walks.

♡ What do you do that embarrasses Nike?

Pet pawrents are crazy sometimes! hehe We squish her in our arms and rub our face in her fur. Probably taking a million pics of her and posting on instagram probably embarrasses her too lol

♡ What is her favorite treat?

She loves peanut butter! 🥜

♡ What kind of sounds does your bestie make most often?

She squeaks and a lot and will say “Ahhhhh” when she wakes up and stretches like a little person.

♡ Does Nike like playing with other dogs a lot?

She does like to play with dogs, and gets along with most – although between dogs and humans she goes for humans more.

♡ She’s so energetic! How does bathtime go down?

Since we hike with her a lot we bath her every 2-4 weeks depending on the mud. She’s small so we can bathe her in the bathtub. She doesn’t like it but we can easily overpower her. 😉

♡ What kind of games does Nike like to play?

She plays fetch by herself (she’ll toss a sock 🧦 in the air then get it, then toss it again), tug of war, and my favorite is that she will play cat and mouse with her treats before eating them.

♡ Has Nike ruined you for other dogs – (will you always want another fox cross?)

I will probably always go for a fox/wolfy looking dog as I love the spitz dogs and herding dogs. I think she will be hard to top because she’s really one of the easiest dogs to raise and also one of the most beautiful.

♡ How soft is that fur??

SUPER soft, she makes for a great stuffed animal.

♡ What would you tell Nike if she could understand human words 100%?

“Do you know you’re an instagram star!?” ⭐️

♡ What do you think Nike would like to say about her friendship with you?

Nike would probably say I’m her best friend, snuggle in my lap, then pester me to play fetch/tug of war with her. I’m just a huge human toy in her eyes!

We just adore this fabulous duo and think Nike looks quite stunning in her FriendshipCollar. As fetching as a fox and as darling as a dog – we’re in love! 💕