Zoomies, tail chasing and playing with toys!

Our Latest Pet Crush: Rufio/Rebecca

Social media fame:

Instagram: @livingthatgoldenlife


The Story: We always knew we wanted a Golden Retriever. We went to meet a litter of puppies. They were all so fluffy and affectionate, but one little boy pup kept singling out my boyfriend to play with. It was love at first sight for them at least!

Nicknames: Rufs, Rufi-OOOOO, Stinky Jr., Lemon Cakes

Breed: Golden Retriever

Colour of Fur:  Gold

Describe your pooch in 3 words. Outgoing, Stubborn, Mellow

Rufio's favourite trick? Wait (for the food/treat/toy). He mastered this trick in one try as a baby and now has excellent self-control.

Tell us a funny story about your pup:

Rufio had a bad habit of jumping up and biting the leash every time we were finishing our walk. One time, I had his poop bag in my hand. He jumped up and accidentally bit the bag instead of the leash. He immediately let go and gave me this look of shock and disgust. From then on, he never again jumped up and bit his leash!

What’s the cutest thing your dog does?

There is a skate park near us, and he just loves chasing, sniffing, and pawing at the skateboards, his whole body wagging back and forth in excitement.

Rufio's main personality traits?

He is the most playful and curious dog we know. He just has an excitement for life! Everything is a game to him!

Any favourite hobbies?

Rufio loves tug-of-war. He brings me toys and stands there, waiting for me to grab them so he can thrash them around. If I accidentally let go, he stands still, waiting for me to grab the toy again.

Describe your dog’s typical day.

Rufio wakes up late in the morning. I feed him brunch, then take him out for his first walk of the day. After we come back, he either naps or plays with his toys. We go for a second walk in the late afternoon, then it’s dinner time. Sometimes he has training class after dinner. Then it’s back home for more playtime. Finally he falls asleep after a long day of walking, training, and playing!

Rufio makes me smile when… He chases his tail. He will do this right before he gets zoomies, when he starts running around the house and jumping on the couches like a maniac!

My dog is my best friend because... He stays happy, positive, and strong even in the face of adversity. He brings light to our lives.