The Ultimate Christmas Paw-ty

It’s nearly Christmas our favorite time of year! A time of gift giving, paw prints in the snow and puppy kisses under the mistletoe!

Here are 10 Dogs that will really get you into the holiday spirit!

1. We are dreaming of a white fluffy Christmas!

2.  Whether this little cutie is: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Dunder or Blixem… We want him!

3. Super cozy puppies in Santa hats! Yes please!

4. This definitely beats a pair of socks or box of chocolates!

5. Dough Pawnaments… Pawsonalize your Tree decorations!  Place your pooches paw into the dough, and voila!

6. This little cutie making snow angels!

7. Dressing up your pooch as Santa Or taking your pooch to sit on Santa’s knee!

8. When your pooch becomes the Chief Present inspector!

“I really hope there is a gift in there for me!”

9.When your pooch helps you wrap up gifts. 

10. Puppy kisses under the mistletoe!

If this is what a pet Christmas paw-ty looks like count us in!


Don’t leave out milk and cookies for Santa- Instead leave doggie treats and a FriendshipCollar for Santapaws!

Leave your ugly Christmas jumper behind and wear a festive FriendshipCollar instead this year with your BFF!

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