Vanessa & Verpinscht

My dog is my bestie because... he knows me better than everyone else!

♡ How old is your pooch?

Mojo is 3 years old.

♡ How did he become yur best friends?

His previous owner didn't want him anymore, so I took him and he became my everything. He makes my life complete. He greets me every day when I come home and no matter how bad my day was, coming home and looking at Mojo makes me smile again! I didn't chose him because being a miniature pinscher, I chose him because he was going to lose his home so I gave him a new lovely one.

♡ He is super tiny where does he sleep?

It's hard to believe, but Mojo hates to sleep with me in bed! He prefers his own bed, i think he needs the space.

♡ What is his favorite past time?

He loves to chase chestnuts and stones. You won't believe it but his normal toys are too boring for him, they're just laying around in the floor.

♡ Your pictures amaze us! Has he always loved having his picture taken?

Mojo is the perfect Model! Every time I take the camera with us he goes totally crazy. When I spot a nice place I just have to say "there" and he goes over there and starts posing. I love this about him!

♡ Can you tell us a bit about his personality!

He is very affectionate and always tries to protect me and he sure loves his life! He wants to please me and would do anything for me. Mojo is very loyal and playful. He loves to walk and to discover new places.

♡ What is the silliest thing he has ever done?

The silliest thing he has ever done was going backwards through door frames and he does this every day! The first time I saw this I laughed so hard I almost cried. I don't know why he does this anyway.