Vicky & Sydney

 Best friends: 

Vicky and Sydney! @vicky_and_sydney

♡ Your bestie's name, age, and breed! How did you meet?

Sydney is an 18 month old Dalmatian. He is the little brother of our previous doggo, Samson❤️

♡ How did you come up with your dog's name?

Sydney had a heart murmur at birth, so had to stay with his breeders for a few weeks longer than usual. It didn't stop us from loving him, but his breeders started referring to him by his kennel club name, which is Sydney Wattle. When he finally got the all clear and arrived home with us, he responded to Sydney and it suited him. So we kept it ❤️

♡ What was it like when you first brought your dog home?

It was just wonderful. He was such a brave boy, exploring each and every room and falling asleep on his bed. He was very relaxed and settled in quickly. 

♡ What is it like having a dalmatian as a bestie?

You can forget to do anything by yourself ever again. Brushing your teeth, he's there, cooking dinner, he's watching. He loves affection and cuddles and is very high energy. He brings a smile to my face every day and is just the biggest softie.

♡ Can you share some tips when choosing a pet?

I have quite an active lifestyle, I am often out and about. So it made sense for us to go with a high energy dog. 

♡ How does your dog try to get your attention?

He nudges my hand with his head until I give him some fuss... it works every time!

♡ What's the naughtiest thing your dog has done?

Moved every single cushion from the sofa out into the garden, getting them all very muddy in the process. I guess he wanted to get comfy in the garden haha 

♡ What's the strangest thing he has eaten

Most probably cow pat... Yuck! 

♡ How do you spend your weekends together?

Morning snuggles in bed, followed by an adventure out and about. He loves the beach with his best buddies! We often pop to see family too and he gets spoilt rotten with cuddles.

♡ Any top tips for being the best dog mom?

Make everyday an adventure and talk to your fur babies. Dogs are so pure and loving, they deserve to know how wonderful they are each and every day. 

♡ Was there ever a time that your dog gave up on walking and you had to carry him? 

Haha many, many times. Although Sydney weighs 32kgs so I don’t have the option of being able to carry him, luckily I have an emergency supply of cheese as bribery to get us home! 

♡ Where does your dog sleep?

In bed with me... where else would he sleep! 

♡ Any fun tricks your dog loves to show?

Does he enjoy learning new tricks? He’s a very fast learner, he’ll do anything for cheese. We recently learned to play dead. 

♡ Have you taken your dog on a vacation? Or planning on one soon? Tell us about it!

Oh yes, Sydney has been to the beautiful Cotswolds and has been to many a beautiful beach. He loves exploring new places with us. 

♡ How does your bestie react when you’re going on an adventure?

When he hears the car boot open, he gets so excited as he knows that means it’s adventure time! 

♡ How does your dog greet you when you arrive home?

His tail whips around in crazy circles and he makes this cute little grumble noise. He often pushes his head into you and is just so pleased to see you. It’s just the best thing to come home to❤️

♡ Can you share an amazing experience you have had with your dog?

My grandad has dementia and therefore often struggles with his memory. Sydney, who is usually a bouncy high energy boy, will just calmly and patiently sit with my grandad every time we visit. He just seems to understand that my grandad needs him to be more gentle. It’s wonderful to watch them together. My grandad will just pat Sydney and comment on what a good boy he is, removing all stresses about remembering the current conversation. He is a very calming influence on him. He is such a caring and loving boy.