Nadine & Lenny

Playing with Flocke the dog and chewing on iphone cables

Our latest pet crush: Nadine & Lenny

Social Media Fame: Instagram: _little_lenny

The story: Love at first sight? (Tell us when your friendship started!)  1 year ago I brought Lenny home and it was the first night without his brother and sister, so he slept in the middle of my face. He purred the whole night next to me and I couldn’t get any sleep.

Colour of Fur: Our cat is a Siamese and black-brown.

Describe your Cat in 3 words.. Sweet, lazy & playful

Tell us a quirky/Funny Story about your cat:

What’s the cutest thing your cat does / has ever done?  Lenny loves to play with our dog Flocke and sometimes he jumps on her face or gives her big body a huge hug.

Cat’s Main personality traits? He’s so lovely, but sometimes a beast. Lenny’s hobby is to chew our iPhone cables and destroy our chairs with his claws. 

Describe your Cat’s typical day.. every day at 6:45am I pick him up and bring him downstairs. The first way is the kitchen after that he sleeps on our windowsill. He also plays with our dog Flocke.  My dog ​​makes me smile when she takes care of the cat and plays with him.

Finish this sentence. My Cat makes me smile when … every day he makes me smile. Lenny always listens to me and is there for me in every situation.

My Cat is my best friend because… He’s my little baby and I’ll always love everything about him. I Hope we have a long time together, I love my animals more than anything in the world.