Sydney & Mabel

Playing with her food, cuddles & the adoration process

Our latest pet crush:  My name is Sydney! I’m Mabel’s human. My best friend is without a doubt Mabel and her best friend is food.

Social media fame: For almost a year now, we’ve been growing our account on Instagram! Like many other pet parents, I constantly take pictures of my little girl. I was so sad I hadn’t any place to share them, thus the birth of @mabeltheminpin! We’ve been fortunate enough to have gained a follower base and it continues to grow daily. We love to do themed shoots, enter contests and hope to bring a laugh to someone’s day.

The story: Love at first sight? (Tell us when your friendship started!) Ever since I was young, I’d begged my parents for a dog. Throughout the years, I’d had lots of pets. A cat, aquatic frogs, parakeets and even a lovebird, but nothing really filled the space in my heart left for a pup. In the summer of 5th grade, I finally got my wish. For months prior to the June Mabel came home, we’d been searching for just the right breed for our family. We ended up finding a tiny add on Craigslist advertising a beautiful litter of 4 week old min pin puppies (2 girls and 2 boys). It was the first (and only) litter Macy (Mabel’s mom) and Midget (Mabel’s dad) have ever had. The funny thing was that they were a family living in my Dad’s hometown, minutes away from where he used to live! My dad called right away and talked to the owner saying we really wanted a girl. They sent us pictures of them so we could pick which one we wanted. Both were gorgeous, but I knew from the second I saw Mabel that she was the one! The next week, we set off to go get her. At this point she was just about six weeks old and weighing in at 2 pounds.

Nicknames: Mae, Mabs, Prancer, Maybelle, Baby Girl, Panzer, Mavis,

Breed: Miniature Pinscher

Colour of Fur: Black and tan!

Describe your Pooch in 3 words: Smart, Sassy, Sporty. (And of course stylish!)

Mabel’s favourite trick? She loves to do all of the tricks I’ve taught her in a row, Sit, Down, Stay, Rollover, Shake, Speak and wait.

Tell us a quirky/funny Story about your pup: This is a hard one, Mabel is always up to something! Something that’s she’s always done, is play with her food. She loves to take tiny, circular items (Grape Tomatoes mostly) and runs away with them. She then throws it out of her mouth and onto the ground, proceeds to prance around it, wagging her stubby little tail wildly. She also likes to toss it into the air, let it fall, and do the whole spiel over again. Mabel usually eats it after 5-10 minutes of play.

What’s the cutest thing Mabel does?  There is a phenomenon in our house known as the “Adoration Process.”  It can begin at any time. It begins when Mabel arouses from a nap. She refuses to exit her crate until someone cuddles her. If we don’t, she’ll eventually come out, but she  tends to be a little grumpy!

Dog’s main personality traits? Cuddly, clever, concerned, security conscious, playful and opinionated.

Mabel’s favourite hobbies? Mabel loves to chase anything that moves, including tennis balls, frisbees, and the rabbits that reside in our backyard.

Describe your dog’s typical day: Mabel wakes up. Eat, sleep, play repeat!

My dog makes me smile when … she brings me her toys. She’s always so proud to show off how she plays with them and it’s pretty adorable.

My dog is my best friend because…. she makes me smile and laugh every single day. We could all use a little more of that 🙂