Alejandra & Mila

♡ Can you tell us a little about Mila?

Mila is a 3-year-old spoiled little princess. She is such an energetic little pup and she is absolutely ball obsessed, it’s her favourite thing to do, play ball at home, play ball at the park, play ball everywhere she goes. Even when we have people coming over to our house, she thinks they only come to play ball with her. But even with all that energy she is a big cuddler and she loves to sleep in the bed just in the middle between mom and dad.

♡ What is it like having a dog as a best friend?

It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me, I could have never imagined loving a puppy SO much. Mila has made me and my husband more active, we do lots of things together, walkies, hiking and exploring new places, when we go on trips, we always try to take her with us. We always make our plans around her, she has us wrapped around her little paw.

♡ Does she love dressing up?

I always give her treats for dressing her up so she´s ok with it

♡ Has she always been the pawfect model?

She has, it comes so naturally to her…of course, there are always treats involved

♡ What are your top tips for being the best dog mom?

Taking the best care of her and her health, giving her the best food, taking her to the park and on walkies every day.

♡ What does your BFF do that always makes you smile?

Mila´s face make me smile so much, she is so expressive, you can always tell what she´s thinking. When I see her big smile while playing ball my heart is full.

♡ Any secrets about them you can share with us?

She loves neck kisses, it´s her favourite spot for kisses!

♡ What is the funniest thing they have ever done?

When she loves a human a lot, she likes to lick their ears, it’s hilarious!!

♡ Describe your dog in 3 words!

Ball, ball, ball!

♡ Where’s your dog’s favourite place to go?

To the park to play ball!!!

♡ Has she pooped anywhere she shouldn’t have?

She loves to be wild and poop in the middle of the street

♡ Can they do any fun tricks?

Yes! She is an agility dog and she enjoys it so much. She loves all the running, jumping and going through obstacles.

♡ How did you get/meet your doggy?

From a local breeder…. First, we saw pics and it was love at first sight, when I picked her up I knew we were meant to be together.

♡ What is the strangest thing they have eaten?

One time during walkies she found a piece of prosciutto on the floor and she grabbed it, I had to take it out of her mouth…it was really gross

♡ Is there anything else you want to tell us?

We love our friendshipCollar because now we can match wherever we go!