Alexandra, Bella, & Beau

Our Latest Pet Crush: Alexandra/Bella & Beau

Social Media Fame: @bellalovesbeau

The Story: Bella came in my life 4,5 years ago as a gift from a very special person! Beau was adopted after his first forever home left him due to family issues..

Nicknames: Bella a.k.a. my sunshine    and Beau a.k.a. my lucky charm

Breed: French bulldog

Color of Fur: Bella-black and white / Beau -fawn

Describe your Pooch in 3 words..  Cuteness Overload

Dog’s Favourite trick?  Posing at the camera

Tell us a quirky/Funny Story about your pup: They always do so many funny things!!! The funniest thing I can think at this moment is the way Beau is sleeping with his tongue out! :)

What’s the cutest thing your dog does / has ever done? 

Bella and Beau always make me smile no matter what!!! Even if I’m dealing a very serious problem they can make me laugh! Their positive energy is limitless!!!

Dog’s Main personality traits? Bella - Stubborn, spoiled girl with human eyes which can make everyone love her! / Beau- He is the most funny but nice character I know!

Dog’s Favourite Hobbies? Sleeping -eating-long walksDescribe your Dog’s typical day..

They woke up with me and we go for a long walk before I leave them to go to the office!! :(  When I get back from the office we do everything together, we play and we go for everyday long walks…
Finish this sentence. My Dogs makes me smile when... they just look at me! :)
My dog is my best friend because... they gave me my smile back and they make me feel what unconditional and true love is!