Amber & Ripley

When I am sad my best friend... always cuddles with me. She hops up on my lap and gives me kisses. Ripley gives the best kisses and it's hard to resist not smiling when she is with me.

Ripley is my best friend because... I feel like she understands me completely. She knows when I have had a bad day and will cheer me up with her crazy antics. She trusts me completely and we have a strong bond (stronger than I could have imagined) and that makes my life so happy. Ripley is my buddy and my moon moon and I will always love her.

♡ How old is your best friend?

Ripley will be one year old on May 1st! Her and Ozzie have the same birthday, just a year apart :smile:

♡ When did you & your pooch become best friends?

I would like to say we became best friends the minute I picked her out from the litter, but this relationship has developed over time. I have grown up with Golden Retrievers my whole life, so a new breed was sort of terrifying yet exciting at the same time. We started with training as soon as I brought her home, and over the course of this past year we have bonded so much. I know her personality and she cracks me up daily. Owning Ripley is the best ever!

♡ Ripley is so beautiful! Has she always loved being in front of the camera?

I started photographing her on day 1! I actually incorporated training into photographing as well. We are constantly working on her sit, stay, and her "pose" commands to get photos of her! The pose command is simply a place command where I say the command and point to the object in which I want her to pose on, typically she runs and jumps on the log or rock I point to and stays there until I release her :smile: She is incredibly smart!

♡ Can you tell us a bit about your life together, what is Ripley's favorite places to explore?

Our life is just amazing together. I also own a golden retriever named Ozzie who always goes on adventures with us! We live on a mountain outside of Seattle and have easy access to Snoqualmie pass and all its trails! I typically try to find places many people don't go to take my photos, or I wake up early and see the sunrise with the pups to beat the crowds. As far as favorite places to explore, Ripley's favorite is a place I call Delta Rock in my home town of Mount Vernon, WA. Its a giant estuary with open fields for the dogs to play in.

♡ It looks like Ripley adores being outdoors! Where do you go every day? The views are beautiful!

-Since we live on a mountain we have access to trails from our backyard! We are an active family so I either bike with Ripley and Ozzie, or we take daily hikes! The weekends are reserved for special, longer hikes where we can take photos!

♡ Does Ripley prefer the land or the water?

-this is a toss up! Ripley has always been a very confident and sassy girl, and at 9 weeks old, she followed Ozzie right into the water and never looked back. She LOVES to swim, but she also loves the snow and the land too!

♡ What made you start your Instagram?

I started an Instagram when I got Ozzie (my golden) as a puppy! I took so many photos I didn't want to annoy the friends and family on facebook, so I made my own instagram. The account grew and developed into a place where I could showcase the daily life of my dogs through my photography. It's been a fun journey and I am excited to see where it takes us!

♡ What has changed the most since getting Ripley?

Definitely the amount of exercise I do haha! Ripley needs a LOT of exercise everyday and she has stamina, so sometimes I take her on a hike and then to the dog park or a bike ride to get her tired out. Our decorations in our home have changed too, mainly because Ripley likes to do some redecoration every now and then.... She has destroyed a lot in our home. Siberian Huskies will make their way into your heart and then destroy your possessions, but you can't get mad because they are so darn cute! Overall, the love and laughter in our home has expanded and I wouldn't have it any other way. Ripley has added so much joy to my life.

♡ What is the silliest or cutest thing Ripley does or has done?

This is hard because she doesn't something silly and hilarious every day! However the most memorable moment was when she was a tiny puppy and would hide under our chair in the living room and make gremlin noises at ozzie. she would poke her head out from under the chair and get him to play with her. They have the best relationship so that's so fun to watch everyday. Her nickname is moon moon for a reason! She is the silliest pup around! she frequently gets the zoomies and will make gremlin noises while running and jumping around. This happens a lot when she is in an open space like when I take her to the snow or Delta Rock!

♡ What is Ripley like with her fur-brother Ozzie? Do they play well together?

I kinda talked about this in the above question because when talking about Ripley I have to add Ozzie in there too. They are soulmates. I never thought two dogs could get along so well. It took about 4 hours for them to get used to each other when I brought Ripley home, and then they were instant friends! They cuddle together, sleep together, play together, and adventure together.

♡ How is life with a Siberian Husky?

CRAZY! I can't stress that enough. Huskies have so much energy, shed a TON, are stubborn and destructive. Ripley has destroyed so much in our home we have lost count, and we exercise her everyday. We had to get a special 600$ crate to keep her in her crate during the day. Ripley has been an investment, with training, grooming, raw food, collars, leashes (a girl has gotta look good right?), various equipment like the crate, the bike attachments, the bike itself, and replacing the destruction.. she has been a very expensive dog.

Many people don't realize how much time and energy these dogs take. Siberian Huskies are a very common breed to see in shelters due to the above reasons I mentioned. I feel with my following on Instagram I need to use it for education and not just pretty photos, so I have started a husky education series on Instagram to show the daily struggle (and pure joy) it is to be owned by a Siberian Husky.