Roscoe and Mark

Roscoe is my best friend because... the impact that he has made in my life is significant and he brings so much joy to my life.

♡ Can you tell us a bit about how Roscoe became your best friend?

Being a single guy and college student who comes from a large, close-knit family, I have always wanted to adopt a larger breed that I could do outdoor activities with. However, since I am an uncle of many nieces and nephews and take pride in that, this dog needed to be safe to play with. So there was a high expectancy for this dog to fit in perfectly with me and my family.

I had always wanted a Husky or a Pitbull but had a hard time choosing which breed so I decided I would look into getting a Pitsky, that way I could have the best of both worlds. Pitskies aren't that easy to find and I refused to resort to a breeder so I submitted few applications on some that I found on Allpaws and Petfinder but had no luck. I decided to check Craigslist and that is when I came across Roscoe (then Pretty Eyes) ad.

I instantly fell in love and did not care about distance in order to get him, so I drove 7 hours to Palm Springs, CA from the Bay Area. His original owners were not financially stable to take care of him and asked for a small rehoming fee. When I picked him up at 12 weeks I could tell he was not taken care of and did my best to transform him back to a playful, energetic, and happy pup.

♡ How old is Roscoe?

Today, at 5 months old, Roscoe is one spoiled puppy and has so much love.

♡ What is life like for him?

My whole family loves him and every time my nieces and nephews come over the first thing they ask is “Where’s Roscoe?"I give him plenty of attention and keep him active.

♡ He is so gorgeous! Does he love being in front of the camera?

He is one happy pup and I love to show that off. Everywhere he goes he gets a ton of compliments for his unique markings especially for his eyes. His right eye is blue and his left eye is BOTH blue and brown.

♡ What are some of his favourite things to do?

I take him everywhere with me if I can and am constantly looking for an adventure that him and I can accomplish. He loves going to the lake which is only a 5 minute walk from our home. He also loves going to the dog park and making new furry friends. Unfortunately, he always gets beat up by the older dogs so I have to stay close to make sure the dogs aren’t playing too viciously. For the most part he plays well with most dogs.

♡ How would you describe your pooch?

When I think of words to describe Roscoe, I think of happy, loyal, curious, and playful. He is a ton of fun and I love making him happy, whether it's doing commands, playing fetch in the backyard, or taking him on hikes or walks by the lakes.

Roscoe and Mark are rocking The Heritage Dark Brown FriendshipCollar