Angela & Kira


🤍 What is a typical day with your bestie like?

Our day starts at 8 am with a nice walk until 9 am. We go back to sleep until noon, eat and then go out in the afternoon for another walk. We play with the ball in the dogs area. We go home at about 8 pm, and then we go out again. As soon as we get home, we clean her paws, and then she comes to bed with me. 

🤍 How does she cheer you up on a bad day?

She gets close to me and asks me for cuddles. 

🤍 What is your favorite bonding activity?

Long walks. We like to walk.

🤍 Have you ever been away from Kira for sometime? Tell us about it!

It happened when I went on holiday with my boyfriend for a month. I missed her so much. 

🤍 What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

Something that binds us, something indissoluble, like our forever friendship!

🤍 Is there anything Kira is scared of?

Yes, unfortunately, children!

🤍 What is her character that you love most?


🤍 What is her most annoying trait?

When she barks haha

🤍 Can you share some tips for being the best dog mom?

First, know how to say no. Second, give affection. Third, make them do physical and mental activity. And fourth, give them so much love. 

🤍 Tell us the best thing about having Kira!

Kira is my best friend, she's always by my side, wherever I go! Also, I love her hair!