Animals of the Rainbow

All animals are beautiful, of course, but we think there’s something so cool about the very brightly colored and audaciously coated creatures out there! How amazing is it that Mother Nature’s given us an out-of-this-world coat or skin for nearly every color of the rainbow – and some fun color combos too? We’re taking a trip around the color wheel and exploring the ROYGBIV beauties of the animal world.


Red – Ladybug

This beguiling beetle is pretty much synonymous with a bright red exterior (though it is true there are some yellow or orange varieties, too!) Contrary to urban legend, you can’t count the number of spots to get a bug’s age, sadly. While there are plenty of insects that give us the creeps, the ladybug is always super pretty and its red glow gives us no feelings of fear.


Orange – Golden Lion Tamarin

Rainforest Alliance

A gorgeous yet, unfortunately, endangered species (there’s only about 1,000 left in the world 😢), their mane and fur is super distinctive. They have claw-like nails and appendages similar to other primates, but run around trees on all fours, making their movements look rather squirrel-like! We can’t get over just how cute a bright orange squirrel/monkey is!


Yellow – Yellow Eyelash Viper

Wikipedia – Geoff Gallice

As golden as the sun, this particular snake is as venomous as it is gorgeous. Native to Central & South America, this viper is relatively small (averaging around 27 inches long) and is known for its distinctive eyelash-style scales! They’re speculated to aid in these guys camouflaging themselves among the leaves. Fear factor aside – they have a drool-worthy hue!


Green – Electus Parrot

While female Electus parrots generally sport bright red or purple plumage, the males exclusively rock glowing neon green feathers. These little guys are sometimes considered pests in their native lands because they eat all the fruit off trees! Imagine looking out your window and having to shoo away a jewel-toned parrot instead of an everyday pigeon 😂


Blue – Blue Crayfish


A freshwater species found in Florida, this bright blue babe has become an aquarium favorite thanks to its killer cobalt shell. Forget your run-of-the-mill red and orange shellfish, we want ones that match the majesty of the sea! 🌊


Indigo – Indigo Bunting

Dan Tallman

The indigo bunting is a small and adorable songbird with a wide migration path, so, if you live between Canada and Florida, there’s a chance you might see this deep blue beauty! They are monogamous (aww) but not always faithful to their partner (yeah, we know a few exes who are total Indigo buntings… 😒) but they are so gorgeous and they have such a variety of chirps they can’t help but bring a smile to your face.


Violet – Purple Sea Star

This purple princess is found in the Pacific ocean and we think its royal coloring is just too cool! Also pretty cool – the presence of these ⭐️s is an excellent indicator of ocean health. They have a fairly wide-ranging lifespan, living a minimum of 4 years all the way up to 20!


Pink – Axolotl (Mexican Walking Fish)

Sergio Gutierrez Getino

With a totally misleading common name, this “walking fish” isn’t a fish at all, but a salamander! They are lifelong amphibians, keeping their gills forever rather than developing lungs. They also have the pretty cool ability to regenerate lost 💪 limbs! Their coloring can run from super pale almost gray or white to bright pink.  Maybe Millennial Pink is really Axolotl pink after all! 🤔

Full Rainbow – Sun Conure

This lucky guy has almost the full rainbow contained in its plumage! The sun conure is aptly named because, c’mon – it’s as brilliant as the sun! They, too, are monogamous and nest together in palm cavities 😭 – total lovebirds! They are super smart, too, and are a common choice for pets since they’re trainable and loving!


Pink-Necked Green Pigeons

Move over, run-of-the-mill, city pigeons! These Cambodian beauties give all others a run for their money. Native to tropical climates, they really elevate the title of ‘pigeon.’ Just look at their jewel tones! They look like they are going off to an all-night rave!

Isn’t nature amazing? Even though she reserves her brightest palette for animals you don’t see on a daily basis, the fact that these rainbow brights are out there, filling the world with color, is pretty cool! Red, blue, green and everything in between – these creatures are the true color queens.