Crazy Cool Cat Ladies

Forget the “crazy cat lady” stereotype – that’s so yesterday. We think cat ladies are only one kind of crazy: crazy cool! There are, of course, certain signs that you are one of these amazing select few. Do any of these sound suspiciously like you?

  1. You are crazy for anything cat-branded. Cats on mugs, cats on pajamas, cat-shaped candles… You name it!


  1. Everyone knows about the cat theme, it’s an unspoken and unwritten rule but every birthday card you get has a cat on it! Everyone also seems to buy you cat related gifts and you’re not mad about it! 


  If someone bought us these cat Pj’s we would be super happy too!


  1. You talk to every cat you meet when you’re out and about – and by talk we also mean that “meow talk” thing. (Don’t worry, we think they totally understand you, bonus points if you use a high pitched baby voice that we reserve for cats only!)


  1. Your go-to accessory is, by default, cat hair. Like. Everything you own has cat hair on it and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! 


  1. You get far too over-excited when you hear someone you know just got a new kitten! You then proceed to rushing to their house (in pyjama’s, no time to get dressed!) to smother their new kitten with cuddles pronto! I mean TINY bean paws, little squishy pink noses. kittens actually fit in the palm of your hand. All these things make you more excited than they probably should. 
Do you instantly want to touch those little pink bean paws? If you answered a huge YES then it’s a major sign you are a cat lady in the making!
  1. A lot of your snack purchases are centered around “can my cat eat this?”


  1. You think catnip smells even better than than fresh mint, rosemary, or any other herb. You also stockpile as many toys for your cat as you can. Your cat has a toy-box filled higher than most kids.


  1. Visiting one of those cat cafés is on your bucket list. Coffee and cats go together like, well, coffee and cats!


  1. You regularly browse cat adoption sites like other people browse shoes and have to be continually talked down from getting another cat or five. 

New Yorker


  1. You would so pick a cat over an owl to take to Hogwarts.

Harry Potter Wiki


Full disclosure, we hit a solid ten out of ten on this list and we’re nothing short of proud (and unsurprised.) How about you? What else makes you know you’re cat obsessed?