Animals: The REAL Stars of Disney

What’s your favorite Disney movie? (We know, we know, that question itself is almost impossible!) Wanna know our fave part of Disney movies? When it comes down to it, it’s not just the romance in or the beautiful prince and princess… It’s the animals and the friendships. (And sometimes the animals can very handily talk!) Can we all take a moment and appreciate that the world of Disney movies is pretty much life and friendship goals.

We think these animal besties really represent those friendship goals, don’t you?




Sure Aladdin had the looks and the personality (and was/still is our biggest Disney crush), and Jasmine had the hair and the eye makeup goals and the killer attitude, and the Sultan had the palace… But was there anything cooler in all of Agrabah than having a tiger as your very own bestie?? Rajah totally got Jasmine, he protected her, and her made her totally princess goals. Remember that sweet moment when they snuggled by the fountain? Even when Jasmine was going to leave him and explore outside the palace, he supported her (and totally made our eyes water!)





Oh, Pegasus. We thought wanting a pony when we grew up was the tops, but one that can fly?? He was a bestie as sassy and headstrong as they come – the perfect strong personality to handle both Hercules (and eventually Meg.) He was noble like a horse but quirky like a bird and fully entertaining. He took that dream of having our own horse bestie to new heights – literally! – as he soared through the skies and into our hearts. He even acted like a dog bestie, giving Hercules licks/kisses and always making us laugh. Plus – aren’t they just the cutest besties as babies??


Nala & Simba



The ultimate couple goals/bestie goals/leadership goals, tbh. Both smart and strong, they balanced each other perfectly to make the ultimate king & queen of the pride. Simba was headstrong but loving (and was voiced by every 90s kid’s OG bae, JTT) and Nala was wise, independent, and the definition of girl power. These besties laughed in the face of danger and inspired us all to, too! The best part about The Lion King was that the animals weren’t just relegated to those sidekick roles – they were the whole show! A movie full of gorgeous wild cats, quotable dialogue, and songs that still live on our Spotify playlists today, The Lion King had it all.





Mischievous Meeko, such a loyal friend. He always had Pocahontas’ best interests at heart and was willing to fight for her – or a biscuit (I mean, who hasn’t felt that way around 2 o’clock when someone takes the last donut?) Scrappy and adorable, he never could quite seem to stay out of trouble (relatable, tbh) but he somehow managed to always land on his feet. Who can forget him going head-to-head with Percy, the pug, over a cookie? We sure can’t!






Such an innocent and cute little fishie, he inspired kids across the world to suddenly want aquariums and their own besties under the sea. Despite his oddly specific name, Flounder was not, in fact, a flounder, but is a bright and bubbly tropical fish. While he did scare easily, he always came through for Ariel, and was as loyal and sweet as they come. I guess fishies truly are a mermaid’s best friend! And even when Ariel was voiceless (which, tbh is a pretty cool role reversal of human and animal besties – Flounder and Sebastian could talk and Ariel could only communicate with her eyes and body language) their bond was never threatened.





The lovable lizard from Tangled, this was one charming chameleon. Bestie to our ultimate hair goals princess, Rapunzel, he was also her only friend for soooo long while she was stuck up in that tower and took his role in making her life lighter seriously, always bringin’ the laughs. He encouraged her to find her freedom and even took down her personal villain for her! Now that’s serious loyalty.


Cinderella’s Mice (Jaq & Gus)



Forget the painful glass footwear. More fashion ouch than  a fashion- must!  Princes? A dime a dozen. Our pick for the best part of the OG Cinderella story: Cinda-relly, Cinda-relly! With their affectionate, sing-song nickname, these mice weren’t only cute and friendly, they were killer craftsmen and seamstresses and crushed the DIY game, making a perfectly acceptable gown for their human friend in her time of need. They even took on their mortal enemy, a cat named Lucifer, in the name of Cinderella’s happy ending. If ever any rodent besties deserved to live out their days in a castle, it was them!





Another Aladdin entry, but we couldn’t resist! Though he never spoke a word, this monkey had plenty of personality. Thieving (but, like, in a cute way) and helping his bestie Aladdin avoid palace guards with some amazing distractions and some seriously impressive parkour moves, Abu is a friend for the ages. He might not have gotten along with Aladdin’s new friend, the Flying Carpet, at first, but even that was too cute. A monkey fighting a living rug? Ding ding ding! It’s true ‘you ain’t never had a friend like [Genie]’ but that goes for Abu, too!


Bonus: The Beast!



(Admit it – he was better as Beast than Prince Adam) Yes, yes, he was technically Prince Adam in beast form but… Is it just us or was he cooler as the Beast? 

Did your fave four-legged or finned Disney bestie make the list? Let us know your favorite Disney movie and your all-time Disney bestie!