Ariel & Finlay


Finlay's best friend is 8-year old Ariel! We had Ariel's mom answer some questions about her daughter and Finlay's friendship below 🥰

♡ How did you and Finlay meet?

Finlay came into our home last January at 8 weeks. It was a bitterly cold winter, no puppy wanted to stick its nose out in this weather. Ariel and Finlay cuddled and played and napped together during these long winter weeks. ❄️ Ariel would lay down a blanket and join him in his nap, or shamelessly steal his bed. He would later get his revenge with the stealing, hehe.

♡ Can you finish this sentence: Life with Finlay is.... 

Life with Finlay is full of new friends! He is social and wants to meet everybody! And people want to pet him, he so clearly enjoys it. He is full of joy and we have met tons of new human and dog friends. He brings a smile to everyone! Sock thief or not, we wouldn’t trade him for the 🌎!

♡ What is the naughtiest thing that Finlay has ever done?

The naughtiest thing Finlay has done is chase Ariel down to steal her gloves. He is very determined and plans his attack: he runs with her, immobilizes her and then gets his prize. (The whole story is documented on his Instagram page). With the warmer months upon us now, his interest has shifted to socks. 🧦 Of course his attack maneuver is completely different.

♡ What is your favorite thing to do together?

Ariel and Finlay enjoy many things: playing chase in the yard, where Finley’s razor sharp baby teeth have branded all of Ariel’s clothes... he tries to catch her feet while she swings ever so high. He enjoys listening to her practice her reading for school, he is a good listener, he has been known to nibble on a few pages.

♡ What's the sweetest thing Finlay does?

The sweetest thing he does is rest his head on Ariel when they have quiet time. On a shoulder, on a hip, knees, whatever is closest to him. 💕

♡ Where is Finlay's favorite lying spot?

His very soft little bed

♡ Can you share a funny story about Finlay? 

A few weeks ago while playing in the yard with his bestie, Finlay got too close to the side of the pool, lost his balance and fell in with a full body dance. 💦 He swam like a champ but he was clearly surprised.