Hayley, Bear & Benji


♡ Your bestie’s age and breed?

Bear and Benji are both long haired dachshunds and one years of age. Bear is older by 5 months. 

♡ How did you meet?

After a lot of research and a long search for the right Breeder we got Bear in Co. Wicklow, Ireland and Benji in Co. Wexford, Ireland where we live. We fell in love with both of them the second we met. Bear came along when we picked Benji. 

♡ What is it like having two dogs as best friends?

Having Bear and Benji is almost indescribable. The love we all have for each other is unconditional. We spend every second together and we wouldn’t have it any other way. They even both sleep in the bed with us! 

♡ Can you share some tips when choosing a pet?

Research, research, research. Both the breed and the breeder. Ensure you visit the breeders home and at minimum meet the mom of the litter. Ask the breeder all the questions you have, if they are genuine they will prefer you ask all the questions.

♡ Does your dog like going to the vet?

They both bark their lil heads off in the waiting room which can be a little embarrassing! I often feel like a mom with naughty kids!! But once they get into the vet they are ok! Unless a thermometer comes out!!! 🌡️

♡ Any favorite activity they look forward to during the summer?

We have had Bear and Benji on our hikes since a young age which they absolutely love! They also love the beach which we get to at least twice a week. We are lucky enough to live near beautiful mountains and beaches. Though the weather in Ireland is often a little undesirable!! 😅

♡ Have you ever traveled together?

We have travelled (by car) to different counties in Ireland for mini breaks but unfortunately no further. As of yet, dogs are not allowed to fly on planes here. 

♡ Have you been away from your dogs for some time? Tell us about it!

We’ve been away from Bear for two weeks and never from Benji. The two weeks being away from Bear was incredibly tough but luckily we got daily updates and lots of photos from my parents.

♡ Where is your favorite place to go together?

The beach! The boys go crazy on the beach and seeing them so excited makes me incredibly happy. 🌊

♡ What’s the naughtiest thing they have ever done?

Gosh there have been quite a few! Mostly chewing incidents….my stairs, sunglasses, countless mobile phone chargers (not plugged in of course), shoes, slippers…the list goes on!!!! 

♡ What is the strangest thing they have eaten?

They both love tinned mackerel – though I’m not sure if that’s strange?! They also enjoy apples, banana, carrots, cucumber and lettuce! 🍎 Maybe they’re rabbits in disguise?! 🐇

♡ Do they love meeting other dogs?

They love meeting new dogs in their own territory. Benji is definitely scared of big dogs when we are out and he runs away while Bear stands barking (a lot!!!) We are trying to work on their socialization! 

♡ Tell us how your dogs greet you when you arrive home!

Oh my goodness, they go INSANE, jumping up and down and their tails going mad with excitement! Benji always insists you bend down so he can lick your face, he won’t stop jumping up until he’s had that one lick!   

♡ What’s your dogs’ telltale sign that you’re going on an adventure?

They both always know we’re off out when I put my trainers on in the kitchen! 👟 The harness is a giveaway too!!

♡ Any top tips for being the best mom?

Let them sleep in your bed…you won’t regret it! Get them out and about everyday, they truly love the outdoors, let them smell the world around them and be free! 

♡ How has your life changed when you met your dogs?

My life has changed for the better 100%. They are my life. I have the bestest friends to walk with, snuggle at night, watch tv with, garden with and make excuses to not go out!! They make me laugh everyday with their funny, and very different personalities! My heart just bursts with love for them and them me. 💕

♡ How do your besties treat each other?

Bear and Benji are the best of friends! They love to snuggle up together for naps and play together. Playing includes stealing toys off each other, chasing and playfully pulling at each other’s ears, back legs and tails!

♡ Any fun tricks they love to show?

Unfortunately these two are not the smartest when it comes to tricks but we are working on that…slowly!

♡ Where do they sleep?

Both in our bed! Bear likes to sleep under the covers and Benji on top. Though I often wake up and we are all sharing the one pillow!! I’m usually hanging off the side of the bed!