Ashley & Sammy

Best Friends: 

Ashley & Sammy


♡ Can you let us know a little about your horse? 

Sammy is a 10 year old QH 

♡ How did you meet your horse?

I met him through one of my trainers who recommended a cutting horse breeder, who ended up being Sammy’s breeder!

♡ How long have you and your horse been together?

7 years! I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by. 

♡ What has been the biggest obstacle that you have conquered together?

Riding tackless. But we don’t ride a lot anymore since he doesn’t enjoy it as much as other things. I could work on conditioning it through +R to be a better experience but riding him isn’t the most important thing to me right now. 

quarter horse wearing friendshipcollar halter

♡ Tell us about the most random experience you've had with your horse!

I took him to my elementary school as a freshman in high school. It was really cool because I took my first horse to school for show-and-tell when I was in 5th grade (not a very common thing to do!)

♡ Does your horse have any quirks?

He is “lazy” when he’s being forced to do something (lunge, riding... moving in general) but very eager to move when he has the choice. When I stopped using whips to force him to move it was a whole new horse. He finally wanted to do high energy things. Also he’s very quick when it comes to galloping. Which is ironic since he seems lazy at first. 

♡ What is your favorite trait about your horse?

He is extremely honest about how he is feeling. Also when he’s upset he doesn’t lash out, he just walks away. Something I could learn from him. 

♡ What is the most annoying thing he's ever done? Does he have any funny traits?

He is the worst about resource guarding. When someone has a treat he will charge any horse insight. 

quarter horse dun in friendship halter

♡ What about your horse are you most proud of?

I’m proud of how proud he is to show off his tricks. 

♡ Can you share a funny story about your horse?

Everyday he does something funny. One I can think of is that he knows how to open gates so if you forget to lock it he will find his way out. Once I went to feed him and I found his butt sticking out of the feed room door! 

♡ Do you have any big plans for the future for you and your horse?

No I’m trying to taking things easy on us and not plan anything too big since I'm starting college next semester. I would like to get him in shape again, though. 

♡ Have you travelled with your horse? How does your horse like it?

I’ve taken him all the way from Texas to Wyoming. I think he enjoys meeting new horses and the cool weather but other than that I don’t think he minds. I hate how long he has to be in the trailer, though, so he probably hates it way more than I do. 

♡ What is the silliest thing your horse spooks at?

Any kind of bag, but that’s about it. 

quarter horses matching halter and bracelet