Regina & Fridolin

Best friends:

Regina & Fridolin (& my Frenchie Gandi!)

❤ Can you tell us a little about your horse?

Fridolin is 4 years old. I met my horse at the stables where I am working. I'm  presenting horses that are for sale and he was for sale as well. 😊 I fell in love with him during the very first time that I rode him 🥰 I just can't explain that feeling of knowing he was the one! We have only been together, bestie's for a month now! ❤️

❤ What is the biggest obstacle you've had to overcome with your horse?

The biggest obstacle we conquered together is an eye illness (he almost went blind. He wasn't mine at the time but during our time together I kept on walking with him and taught him not to be scared of being ridden with one eye. He had to wear a mask to protect his sore infected eye, however now his eyes are healthy again! It was during this scary time for him, where we developed so much trust in each other. He really reacts to my voice now ❤️ which I love!

his royal stallion horse halter

❤ Does he have any funny quirks?

His quirk is that he always wants to put his big head against my chest to cuddle. If we aren't cuddling before riding he is not happy at all😂 

❤ What is your favorite trait about him?

My favourite trait about him is that he always looks so happy. If he could smile he would smile all the time. It starts of the minute he see's me! When he comes towards me in the paddock and when I call out to him! He's happiest when I'm brushing him and even while we are riding, he always seems to be so happy 😃

❤ What is the most annoying thing your horse does?

The most annoying thing he does is roll in the mud and cover his entire body in mud! He loved a mud-bath! 🤣

❤ What are you most proud of about your boy?

I'm most proud of him for so many reasons, it's amazing to see just how he is learning and improving so so quick;y! He is always happy to learn new things, whether it's riding or even doing little tricks!

friendship halter with big bay horse

❤ Can you share a funny story about him?

He's a bit mischievous and friendly! One morning I got so many messages from people who were working at the stables. They told me that my horse broke free at night and was just casually walking between the yards. He greeted the first person in the morning by walking up to her to say hello. But didn't run away. We still don't know how he got his yard open. 

❤ Do you have any big plans for your future together?

Yes we have big plans! We want to do dressage and maybe even jumping competitions next spring. I would love travel to the sea in summer! I've never travelled with my horse so I don't know if he would like it but I am excited to go on adventures together..

❤ What is the silliest thing he has spooked at?

One day, he spooked at the sunlight on the ground. It was really funny!!