Live V Cartoon: Battle of the Disney Besties

It’s no secret that it’s one of our fave – and a universal fave! – topic: Disney besties! With the new live action Dumbo trailer out, news out about the live action Lion King and an undying love for Beauty & the Beast, we had to stop and wonder: which besties are really better? The cartoon ones or these live action stars? We’re taking a look side by side and, honestly, loving both!




As a high-flying baby elephant, cartoon Dumbo did it all: he broke our hearts saying goodbye to him mama, he made us cheer as he soared and his floppy ears never failed to make us laugh!


We might not know a tonne about the new CGI elephant-baby on the block, but the recently releases trailer for Tim Burton’s live action take has already blessed us with this totes adorbs big-eared babe! We can’t wait to see it! 

Our Verdict: Baby elephants with big floppy ears are an all round win in our eyes! 

The Jungle Book


The Jungle Book became a cartoon classic for us in the ‘60s and gifted us with dancing cuddly bears and snakes that hugged just a little too tightly. The suspension of belief in joining our jungle friends was a magic we’ll never forget! Name one person who doesn’t love a singing and dancing bear!


Flash forward a few decades and we were gifted with a live action remake! This take on the tale was more ferocious and much more crazy realistic than the full-on warm hearted singing and dancing of the cartoon. We were a little more scared to be left in the jungle, and a little less jealous of Mowgli, after seeing this classic brought to life! 

Our Verdict: The cartoon left us feeling much more fuzzy and warm!


101 Dalmatians


A literal world of hundreds of puppies – call the paramedics, we’ve found heaven! This charming tale brought us Pongo and his adorable brood. Each little animated pup had such a personality of its own! Plus it gave us the image of a villain-ess for the ages: Cruella de ville! The puppy skinner. Sob, just the thought of this makes us sad and scared! Cruella needed to learn that the best things in life are Cruelty-free!


But then along comes the live version and, we mean, did you ever see something as terrifying as Cruella in real life or as cute as an actual litter of 100 real puppies swarming her?? Imagine the overwhelming puppy Fritos smell! This is one film set we would have LOVED to have been on!

Our Verdict: Real puppies win hands down for us! 101 puppies in one room. YES PLEASE! 

Beauty & the Beast


OK, so yes, he’s more of a people/animal bestie but the Beast will forever be iconic! There’s something about the way his animated eyes capture and express so much emotion and how his thick fur oddly fits a princely outfit. Is it possible to be a little in love with a cartoon? We think yup!


First things first – let’s all agree Emma Watson is Belle. And then we come to our CGI Beast – he’s been updated into elegance for the new millenia and his humanness truly shines through. Its a tale as old as time – and we love the latest version! 💕

Our Verdict: The cartoon version, had us hooked! I mean just take one look at the Beast’s underbite! Those little teeth are undeniably the cutest!

Winnie the Pooh


Silly old, bear! There’s no spot of bother when the ever adorable Winnie the Pooh is around! Who doesn’t have at least one fond childhood memory of the Hundred Acre wood and its illustrated inhabitants. Christopher Robin stole our hearts – just take a look at how cute Winnie looks brought to life!

The Verdict: When they’re nose to nose – who can choose a fave?

We’ll be best friends forever, won’t we Pooh? – Asked Piglet

Even longer. Pooh Answered.

Animated or real life? Cartoon or CGI realness? The battle rages on and there is definitely no right side – and nothing wrong with loving them all. Where do you stand? Do you prefer the classic and cartoon versions or do you like the more realistic approaches? Let us know!

Love & friendship x