Mermaid Tails

Mermaid Tails

Are you mesmerized by mermaids? Yup us too!  Lucky for you….we caught the magical Mermaid Tails in our net!!! So now your BFF can become a Mer-pup (that’s half pup- half mermaid!) or Mer-cat! (part kitty cat- part mermaid!)too! We wanted to share the allure of the Sirens of the sea with you! This new pastel design is limited edition and may swim away soon! So be quick!

What makes mermaids so darn magical? How is a mermaid set apart from just some big ol’ fish? Today we go fishing for the truth!

Are Mermaids real?

Of course! You know what really makes us sad? That non-believers say that mermaids aren’t real! That it was just silly old sailors and pirates who had been too long at sea, mistaking manatees and other sea life for these illustrious magical creatures. We mean, come on! A manatee does not possess the magic of the sea, the beauty of the waves, the voice of angels, and a tail of shimmering glimmering scales!

Where do mermaids live?

Rumour has it, mermaids get their beauty sleep by snoozing in huge white clam shells! Nestled with the pearls! At the bottom of the ocean through the rippling waves, where it’s tranquil and quiet! A magical light makes the rose gold accessories shine!

How do you get there?

To get to where the mermaids live you have to make a wish, hold your bestie’s paw and dive into the magical seafoam through the rainbow of blues and purples, into the world of pearls and bubbles, and far far beyond, under the sea! But first you need to believe in mermaids, love and friendship! 

What song do you need to sing for Mermaids to appear?

There are many tales of the Mermaid’s magical voice! – of their songs calling to those who who live on the land, and promising to take them to a world beneath the waves. Can you hear the mermaid singing to you? Luring you in!


🎵 Look at my pooch, Isn’t he cute?
Wouldn’t you think my friendships complete?
Wouldn’t you think as besties…. we should be matching?

How many collars can one doggy have?
Lookin’ around here you’d think
My BFF has everything!

I’ve got collars and bracelets a plenty… 

I’ve got charms and pouch bags galore,

You want a FriendshipCollar? I’ve got 20!

But who cares, no big deal…. I want more!!!!!!!!!!

I want to be where the puppies are …I want to adopt, adopt those puppers! 
Walkin’ around on those (Whad’ya call ’em?) oh – PAWWWWSSS!”

With no doggy you don’t get too far!

Paws are required for snuggling, pouncing!

What’s that word again ….Besties!!!!

Up where they snooze…

Up where they poop…

Up where they play all day in the sun

Dogs complete me!

Wish I could be, part of the FriendshipCollar world!!!!!!!🎵

Which type of mermaid are you?

Did you know that there are thought to be lots of different types of mermaids? Not just one! Yup, based on the seven seas themselves, mermaid types are thought to be as varied as the Earth’s waters. Warmer, more mellow tropical waters are full of mermaids who are relaxed and fun. Whereas colder waters which are choppy have mermaids who are  fierce and tough!

Their personalities are as varied as humans, though far more mysterious. Which mermaid personality would you be? Mermaid Tails is mesmerizing in pastel shades, with a rose gold finish, perfect for besties who are delicate, kind and sweet!

                                                        Rose golden!

Let’s play a game called: Manatee or Mermaid? 


The Manatee is a funny little thing! We don’t see many similarities between this little cutie and a mermaid. Do you?

  🐟 The Manatee is 100% sea mammal,  not half human, which makes them a little less magical in our eyes! But still super cute!

🐟This little sea creature can’t speak let alone sing a song! 

🐟 They do not have long flowing hair, fingers but they do have very huggable flippers!

🐟 They are grey colored and soft and slipper to the touch! They definitely  don’t have shimmering scales!

🐟 They are superb swimmers!

🐟They are super sweet natured! We would love to meet one in the sea!

🐟They eat a vegetarian diet! 


A myth, a legend, a tall tale but we believe they are real! Don’t you?

🧜‍♀️Half human and half fish! With a gorgeous shimmering tail! Need we say more?

🧜‍♀️They have an AMAZING singing voice, one to rival Beyonce! (Or so we have heard!)

🧜‍♀️They have long flowing hair, which never gets tangled!

🧜‍♀️They only appear those who believe!

🧜‍♀️Mermaids eat sea whispers and sea grasses because fish are friends, not food!!


Quick get your paws on Mermaid Tails, from The Mythical Collection, before they swim away!

🎵 I want to be where the mermaids are, I want to see want to see, want to see them swimming,

Swishing around with their… what do you call them again? Taillllssss…🎵