Best friends: Amber & Marco

❤ Where do you love most to go together?

The beach! 

❤ How did Marco find his way to you?

Marco was the last of six left in his litter and the quietest one, believe it or not. He never came to the front or to see anyone until my husband and I went over. My husband went straight over to the mum and made a fuss of her before the puppies and Marco came straight out and over to him. It’s so true a dog chooses you!

❤ Describe your bestie in 3 words!

Loving, cheeky and noisy!

❤ Does he have any quirk or funny habit?

We spent quite a while trying to teach him to meerkat and rewarded him doing it with treats a lot so now whenever he wants a treat he randomly just meerkats at you and if you ignore him he’ll paw at you and meerkat until you notice him 🤣

❤ What is your favorite activity together?

Definitely napping

❤ What makes your dog super pawesome?

He’s just so loving and funny! 

❤ Marco seems to be natural on cam! How do you get him to pose for those pawfect pics?

Marco LOVES the camera I think it’s because he knows he gets a treat after posing 😉

❤ What inspired you to create your dog’s social media account?

I posted a lot of photos on my personal Instagram and a few people suggested I made him his own account 

❤ How does he cheer you up when you’re sad?

Marco refuses to let me cry, he knows how I’m feeling better I do and if I’m feeling low and unwell he gives me extra cuddles. If I’m crying he will run straight over to me and lick my tears forcing me to laugh and stop

❤ What is the best thing about having a miniature dachshund?

He really is my little best friend 

❤ Do you have any advice for other dog owners or future dog owners?

Do your research, invest in a good breeder and buy a dachshund!

❤ What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

FriendshipCollar allows me to have a visible connection to Marco 

❤ Complete the sentence. Life with Marco is…

The most lovable life I could have 


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