Best friends: AJ & Nova

❤ How did you and Nova meet?

After some research, we met with a breeder who was in Maryland

❤ What made you decide to get a dog?

I was down suffering from a lot of medical issues and depression, so we thought a dog would help with that! (And she has)

❤ Where do you love most to go together?

The beach! 

❤ Can you share some good experiences you have had with her?

She wasn’t trained to do this, but when I started having seizures, she was able to alert my parents when I was having one. Also, teaching her how to bring in the paper and mail just warms my heart. But every day I get to be with her and that is a good experience.

❤ We have read that Nova is a therapy dog. Tell us about this journey please! How has it been so far?

Oh, it has been an amazing experience. She already had a paw up on becoming a therapy dog because she was already certified for basic training. So when it came to the test, she passed it no problem! Especially, since one of the things they have to be good at is being around medical equipment she had another paw up on that because I have every medical equipment for myself so she grew up around it. Nova loves going to nursing homes and hospitals to cheer up the patients. And for me seeing all the happy people is just worth it all. 

❤ Can you share some advice for those who want to get a therapy dog?

I would say go for it! They just need to have a strong leave it, no jumping, and being okay with loud objects, and of course basic sit-stays. Once you have that down it’s all yours. But it’s one of the most rewarding things ever and when I get out her vest she knows exactly what’s happening and gets so excited!

❤ What is the naughtiest thing your bestie has done?

Oh gosh, probably eating a thumb tack! That was scary. Luckily we knew right away that's what she ate and called the vet and they said give her bread that is dipped in mineral oil, so the tack sticks to the bread and the oil slides it out and thankfully the thumb tack attached itself to the bread and nothing was nicked.

❤ How does she cheer you up when you're sad?

Nova will just lay high on my chest and will give me all the kisses in the world. Sometimes she even brings me a toy to try and help.

❤ Can you share a funny story about Nova?

Oh, a funny story about Nova would have to be, one morning I was making eggs and for some reason I had my arm down while holding a egg and cooking. Well next thing I knew, she was stealing the egg from my hand and running away with it. She just held it so gently in her mouth until I finally said drop it, which she ever so lightly dropped it in my hand.

If we leave a plate out or a cabinet’s door open, she will bark at it till we close it or put it away. If you stand on a chair she will nip at your feet and bark at you till you get down like she knows you’re not supposed to stand on chairs.

Another funny thing she does is, she’s in training right now and she’s not allowed to have her toys out all day so they are in a bucket on top of her cage. Well, when she wants to play, she jumps on the cage like, “hey I want me toys!” but the funny thing it that we have a statue of a raccoon that’s next to her cage and she will bark and talk to the raccoon to help her get her toys. She thinks the raccoon is holding her toys so she goes and has a convo with the raccoon then jumps on the cage again and then goes back and talks to it. She’s too much!

❤ How does your bestie react when you have to leave her at home?

She gets pretty sad and lonely but I always tell her that I will be back soon and when I get back, I come home to the fastest wiggle butts ever. And she just spins in circles and jumps on me so excited and gives me kisses too!

❤ What does having FriendshipCollar mean to you?

Having FriendshipCollar means so much to me because every time I look down at my bracelet, I just think of her and being able to match her is my favorite thing. It just feels like we’re closer than ever. Your products bring us even closer together and show everyone our bond




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