Bestie Breed Trivia

The best thing about besties? They come in all size, shapes, breeds (and mixes)! And each breed brings something uniquely cool to the mix. Did you know your bestie may have its own genetic disposition for a secret talent? Or a heck of a history lurking in their lineage? Forget – we’d rather learn about the real important members of our family.

Golden Retrievers

The Clymb

Did you know these besties aren’t only beauties – they’re also valued for their super sniffer? Because they have such a good sense of smell 👃 and an innate tracking talent, they are often the first choice for search and rescue teams.


101 Dog Breeds

Beagles have been around for thousands of years, but that’s not even the coolest part! The original Beagles were tiny – we’re talking 8 or 9 inches tall and legit pocket sized! 😱


Run, Forrest, run!

This stunning breed not only conjures up images of frosty ❄️ wonderlands – they were literally born to thrive in them! They have a thick double coat – the underside being short and thick and the outer layer being water-resistant and lengthier.


Faster than a speeding Frisbee…

These pups have quite an illustrious claim to fame, as a dachshund was the first 🥇 Olympic mascot! Waldie was paraded in the 1972 Summer games in Munich as the official logo and spokes-dog.

Bichon Frises

Warren Photographic

They are literally their breed name – ‘Bichon’ is a French type of lapdog and ‘Frise’ is French for curly. Ohh la la! 💅

Great Danes

The hugest of hugs!

The world record 🏆 for Tallest Dog was set by a Great Dane named Zeus. He was an impressive 44 inches tall (the average is 30 – 34 inches for males) and would stand at 7 feet 4 inches when on his hind legs! Talk about a gentle giant.


Puppers in the outfield

These tiniest of besties have the honor of having a Minor League Baseball Team ⚾️ named after them! The El Paso Chihuahuas came about in 2013 and even have an awesome logo: a Chihuahua wearing a cool collar.

Bull Dogs

Oh Boy! Can you see…

29th President, Warren G. Harding, has the proud distinction of owning the only Presidential US Bulldog while in office. Sadly, his bestie (named Oh Boy!) passed away during his first term, but he still made bulldog history!

Irish Setters

Furrever babies

These babies are often considered ‘forever puppies’ 🐶 because of their magical maturation pace, which has them slowly growing, both physically and mentally, into the adult dog stage. Puppers that really are puppers for a long time? Absolutely love!

Siamese Cats

Move over mood rings – there’s a new cat in town!

These cute kitties are color changing 🌈! They are born into the world fully white and don’t begin developing their distinctive darker marking until around 4 weeks of age due to a heat sensitive gene.

Tabby Cats

Kitty fur – even softer than silk

These exotic besties get their name from a striped silk in Baghdad. It is told that this silk was so beautifully patterned and resembled the cat’s 🐱fur, that making the naming choice was a pretty obvious move!

We feel smarter already and like we can kick butt 👊 at our next trivia night. What’s a fun fact about your favorite breed of bestie you want the world to know? Feel free to share fun facts with us! Love & friendship x